1 Series ///M Entering Focus

Our inside man Herr26 (aka Scott27) is reporting that the ///M branded 1er coupe will be debuted in an experimental matte finish. Several matte finishes have been tested on the car, from White to Sepang Bronze. The latter is said to suit the car ‘s lines nicely. Other options will include several current ///M exclusive colors, one or two updates of past ///M colors, as well as throwbacks to the 2002 with Inka Orange and possibly Golf Yellow.

What all of this paint will be covering is starting to come a bit more in focus thanks to these images posted on 1Addicts.com. The front bumper will be a bit wider and feature a larger center section to channel air through the intercooler of the turbos. Fog lights will be tossed to the curb in order to make room for large brake ducts which will direct air at the multi-piston calipers. We bet that BMW will step up to six-pots up front since the 135 in base form already sports 4s. Much like the current ///M3, one of the pair of hood scoops will be a dummy as air only needs to pass through one for the motor to breathe adequately, if the high revving V8 doesn ‘t need two this worked N55 isn ‘t going to either.

Larger, wider wheels, a carbon fiber roof and widened fenders will round out the visual package. The overall purpose of this car is to make a reasonably affordable driver ‘s car. One that is nimble and is quick but not just in a straight-line. From a performance perspective we suspect that the engineers may have fallen in love with this little thing called over-boost as it debuted a few years ago on turbocharged MINIs and recently has reappeared under the re-launched BMW “is ” moniker so we fully expect ///M to hop on the bandwagon and do it to the ///Mth Power with this car.

Will it out duel the ///M3? Weighing in at around 3300 lbs. and producing 350hp it is going to be close…. we just hope it is a throwback to the late 80 ‘s.

Images originated on 1Addicts.

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  • Lee L

    BMW, I promise if you make this available in Golf Yellow you will sell at least one… to me.

  • RJ

    Inka Orange and possibly Golf Yellow

    Very cool!

  • Golf Yellow

    Golf Yellow, even with black fender flares (not CF but you get the idea!)- see it is not that bad!


  • JonPD

    Some exciting news for sure. Love the fact we will see a move to offering a matte finish. I would love to see matte inka orange on this in my driveway.

  • Micah

    A few non-metallic color choices are indeed welcomed, but that is less important to me than final mechanical spec. Expected weight of 3300+ lbs is still rather portly for a small performance coupe, and to be expected given the current platform from which the 1///M will be built.

    Sounds like with the CF roof, efforts have been made to centralize mass, and given the previously posted vid the exhaust note and rev-ability are promising. In addition the deletion of fog lights for functional front brake ducts is excellent news. Let’s hope the steering is non-electric, the suspension well tuned and damped, the (manual) shifts short and mechanical in feel, and the diff a true ///M piece that does not rely on brakes to achieve its intended purpose.

    I am excited about this car!

  • JonPD

    Agreed Micah, for me slimming down the 1///M would be a great thing. I would love to see a judicious use of carbon fiber to lighten the load and more considerations towards performance than luxury. I also strongly agree on the need of a true lsd system over the current e-diff. While this adds bulk not artificially wearing my brakes would be more than a equal offset.

  • Dylan

    I’m excited on so many levels. It really sounds like BMW plans to have some fun with this vehicle. Good-bye R56 hello BMW M1…

  • RJ

    @Michael….wow….that new ///M 1er prototype BMW is running around looks soooo much like a 2002!

    @JonPD……dunno about that matte paint….my 1967 2.7 litre rear-engined wonder didn’t look especially good in matte Granada Gold, back in the day….

  • Inka Orange

    Inka Orange could have another buyer right here.