///M 1 Series Video

The spy photographers over at CAR have published a video of what they refer to as the next generation 1er. We all know that it really is the ///M prototype of the current E82 1 series coupe.

The engine will be based on the current N55 inline six and is rumored to produce 350 hp thanks in no small part to a trick ///M plumbing system and an additional turbo. This car will be displayed sometime in 2010 as a “concept “, and we are placing our bets it will bow at the upcoming Geneva show in March. Worth noting is that the exhaust seems to have a nice throaty sound while also sounding like the engine can rev fairly well.

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  • Glenn

    I’ll have one in Black please!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ll take mine in a Inka Orange or Alpine White, sun-roof delete please.

  • Lee L

    Wow, that sounds nice. I agree Inca Orange would be nice. Surely they have to allow some colors on this thing.

    How about driving the car in that test area? I bet the test drivers fight to see who gets to take the car out!

  • Inka sounds nice- but I was thinking more along the lines of the limited edition colors of the E30 ///M3- which I personally feel is a better comparison than the tii. So some of the Evo II colors would be a good palette along with a black and white from that period (also on the base ///M3 at that time:

    Misano Red, Nogaro Silver metallic, Macao Blue metallic, Diamond Black metallic, Alpine White II..

    Oh the possibilities! I can’t wait- and to all those that still think the E90 is bloated- at least it has four doors and is quicker around a track than every competitor 🙂

  • Micah

    The exhaust note is indeed encouraging! It will be very interesting to see the final spec. Given that the current 1 series is a bit of a porker for its size, I am seriously hoping there are meaningful weight savings measures applied to this 1///M.

  • HERR26

    The Car you will see first will be in a special experimental Matt finish.

    However the colour department have selected a palette of M typical colours including one or two that are a modern update of classic M colours aswell as latest colours found on today’s M cars and from the regular Coupe line up. I have seen a prototype as a design study in Sepang Bronze which really suits the car’s lines.

    Since the M1 will be a car more aimed at a younger demographic or indeed enthusiasts that have not grown up. There will be a choice of vibrant (2002) colours such as Inka Orange and a Yellow colour.

    Matt Paint options will be exclusive special order options.

  • Mark

    I’m curious: what tires are used for these winter tests? Can’t be run flats and performance (summer) on this track …

  • Mark- From what we gather all BMWs are tested with snows on once the snow starts falling and is the reason we sometimes see cars being tested with wheels that are only optional- BMW has special winter package wheels for most models.

    This car looks to have the previously spied ///M wheels on there so they may be all seasons/snows- definitely not summers as they do not move in even flurries!

  • JonPD

    I would trade a leg to swap places with the driver around this circuit in this car lol (preferably afterwords since I am hoping it has a proper gearbox).

    Yes Michael I am one who thinks the E90 is bloated. While 4 doors are needed by some for me personally my current 4 door I have to remember to open the rear doors every once in a while so the rubber seals down seal them shut. Add to that they add weight to a car due to extra engineering and more likely need of extra passengers 😉