BMWNA Ups Extended Maintenance Plan on 2007 Models

BMWNA is substantially extending the maintenance plan on all 3, 5 and 7 Series 2007 cars to boost sales over the next two months according to a report from Automotive News. The plan will run a full 6 years or 100,000 miles according to the report. Here ‘s an excerpt from the Automotive News:

“The intent is to attract additional customers to BMW ‘s used car business who still have reservations about the reliability and overall value of certified pre-owned cars,” BMW said in a statement.

“That ‘s the bread and butter, the heart of our lineup,” Russ Lucas, manager of BMW Pre-Owned Sales, said. “They represent 45 percent of our sales. In the next 60 to 90 days, I think we ‘ll see more sold.”

+Original article as appeared on Auto News/ PDF

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  • I also heard that the extended maintenance replaces the lower APR financing offers- in other words if you take the lower financing you do not get the extended maintenance.

    I am sure BMW will give us the full details in the coming days.


  • Michael

    This is spotty reporting. The CPO Warranty is unchanged; what is being offered is a two-year extension of the MAINTENANCE plan, which normally expires at 4/50. The CPO Warranty is, and has been, 6/100k after the standard 4/50k expires, but maintenance is not covered, nor are certain other warranty issues.

  • Michael


    And yes, Michael above is correct, this offer is either/or with the 0.9% financing

  • Philip

    The info is on the BMWNA website now. The offer is in lieu of a 0.9% finance offer and it appears is only available if one uses BMWFS for financing (at standard rates).

    Gabe, the title of this article is incorrect. The offer is for the Extended Maintenance Plan to go along with the CPO warranty. Extended Maintenance is not a warranty. If you can correct that it would be great as there is already a mountain of confusion over what Extended Maintenance is and is not.

  • poorly researched article guys!

  • This is from Automotive News… we’re just passing along the info they reported. BTW for anyone who doens’t understand the program the actual PDF is above. Just click on the image to see all the official details.

  • The original information was not from us- Gabe was reporting on what the Automotive news had said. BMW is now stating it on the website and we were not given any official information until the website was updated… not our error in research, the Automotive news’ error.


  • Rob

    Sounds like they want people to keep their lease returns, or they’re trying to justify the high prices necessary to keep BMWFS rightside-up.

    In 2007, the lease residuals were ridiculously high.

  • I was just thinking about all this-

    Say I am interested in getting back into a low miles 2007 530XIT ( I miss mine a lot) as my wife is in the market for a car.

    The 2007 MY started 9/2006 and went to 3/07. That means those early cars will be coming out of the original 4/50 k miles this fall and with the 2011 models coming they are 4 MYs old as of June (F10 hits in June).

    The CPO warranty and extended maintenance really is only good for about 2.5 years with these cars costing between $36-$40k.

    I am a BMW diehard and a big fan of wagons but there is no way I am shelling out that loot for a 4 year old car and limited warranty.

    I could get a nice 328xi wagon for the same money and have a 4/50k warranty.. and before anyone says that I am comparing a 5 to a 3- it is a PRE-LCI 5 to a Post LCI 3, the only thing the 5 is- is bigger.


  • Tom

    That’s what happens when you jump the gun e.g., 335is coming in only DCT, 8-speed autos for 3-series 2011, etc.

    It’s just constructive criticism, don’t be so harsh to your readers 😛

  • Tom- Thanks for reading- We appreciate criticism as it makes things better in the end. In no way were my comments harsh- I have read it several times now, I think the readers were the harsh one’s considering we had nothing to do with the original story.

    As for the 8 speed/ IS with DCT only I will take the blame for that (have already) and will also say I have hard evidence from a source on both of those, everything else was spot on for both stories and being classified as rumors..

    We try our best to get accurate information ahead of official news but with that always comes a few hiccups. If people only want press-releases they can go elsewhere for that, as a lot of sites just cut/copy the information. We try as best we can to write original material along with the press-releases. If we were to confirm every story with BMW nothing would ever be published until a release- BMW racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans (published on Saturday) has yet to be confirmed by BMW.

    In the end- we try our best and appreciate all input.


  • Deirdre

    Does anyone have knowledge or record of BMW offering the same deal on 2007 x3’s in December 2007? I thought they offered a 1.9% financing – or – the extended maintenance. If anyone can provide a copy of the ad or link to it I’d appreciate it.