Tonight\’s Installment of Joy

Beginning tonight this new television spot featuring the Vision Efficient Dynamics concept will air. It is meant to show how the VED is not the just the future but its ideals are contained within each current model.

In our opinion this is a great advertisement and goes to the heart of what makes a BMW a BMW it is a sum of more than its parts.

Video: BMWNA via Bimmerpost

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  • Dan

    That is excellent. One of the best ads I’ve seen in a while. Maybe there is still some hope for the Joy campaign.

  • on the first joy commercial shown during the opening ceremonies, did anyone notice if the large field of BMWs they showed was from O’fest or Bimmerfest? anyone have any idea? i’d guess bimmerfest as there were quite a lot of cars and i don’t believe O’fest draws such a large crowd any more.

  • Brad- It is BimmerFest, many of these commercials have aired throughout the world in one form or another and in another version it is clearly BFest. We should be seeing more individual “Joy” stories rather than just the intro.

  • cheers, man. i sort of figured as much. i’ve never attended a bimmerfest but i thought they had used another similar shot during the commercial in which they say something to the effect of “we didn’t aim to start a cult” and there’s a shot of bimmerfest. at least they are utilizing the enthusiast base, if only for a sum total of about 1.3 seconds in all of the commercials.