BMW at the Geneva Motorshow

2011 BMW 5 Series

This is BMW ‘s normal release on the eve of a large motor show. That means confirmation of what we knew was coming and no mention and what has been rumored. So don ‘t expect a mention of the M1 for instance.

Official Release: A thoroughly updated and upgraded range of models combining unique driving pleasure with outstanding efficiency – this is what premium car maker BMW is proudly presenting at the 80th Geneva Motor Show 2010. New models in numerous segments, an even wider range of power units combining outstanding performance with enhanced efficiency, plus fascinating concepts for the powertrain of the future clearly prove the unique innovative power of the brand.

One of the absolute highlights at the 2010 Geneva Show is the world debut of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan. At the same time the public will experience the new BMW X5 as well as the new BMW 3 Series Coupé and the new BMW 3 Series Convertible for the first time in Geneva from 4 – 14 March 2010.

The innovations presented in Geneva in the area of drivetrain technology are likewise more versatile and future-oriented than ever before,

BMW EfficientDynamics serving both in BMW’s current production models and in the medium and long term to offer an even higher standard of all-round efficiency. New engines in the BMW 1 Series and the BMW 3 Series, in the BMW X models and the BMW Z4 ensure a further optimised balanced of driving pleasure and fuel economy.

Directly before their market launch, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 are also being highlighted in Geneva, the combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor providing a truly unique driving experience with outstanding efficiency.

The 2010 Geneva Motor Show also provides the appropriate setting for the European debut of the BMW Concept ActiveE. Based on the BMW 1 Series Coupé, this concept car comes with all-electric drive and innovative electric storage technology optimising both the range the car is able to cover as well as its supreme standard of functionality.

The BMW Concept ActiveE thus combines emission-free motoring with four seats and luggage capacity of approximately 200 litres. With its agility and driving pleasure so typical of the brand, the car offers all the electro-mobility one would expect of a trendsetter like BMW.

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  • tyler9595

    No M1?

  • HERR26

    There is no mention of other cars due @ Geneva, due to the fact their introductions have not taken place yet. BMW’s main introduction will commence on Press day. It’s all about the element of surprise.

    I will look for them but my 2004 Press Releases had no mention of the M5 Concept in 2004, neither did the 2007 mention the M3 Concept, although I had alerted to the M3 as a concept both on E92 post and GCZ in the run up to Geneva. The M5 was announced prematurely when someone mistakenly put the pictures on the North American website.

    Switzerland is an important market for M products. and is also the first major autoshow for (European manufacturers) and BMW in Europe.

  • Chris

    Where’s the X3?

  • HERR26

    Could not find the press release, but the next best thing – from January 16th 2007. Note the last comments.

    Originally Posted by SCOTT26

    “At this moment we are currently in the photography and film shoot for the M3 Concept where we have been to Iceland and then currently in Dubai. the car is finished in Alpine White. The Dubai shoot involves the car undertaking possibly one of the worlds best roads and showcasing it’s potential on the track. Whilst iceland is for scenery (cool-blue glaciers) and ambience.

    The schedule goes like this : The production car will begin it’s official photography and film shoot in April in the mountain regions of Spain and another location, where it will be a busy month as the next MINI variant undergoes photography in Tokyo. Prior to official release in July where it will appear amongst some other headliners at the BMW pavillion at the Frankfurt IAA in September , prior to European sales beginning before the close of of 2007 unless something happens.

    As what I have been told the US release is in 2008 , It does not matter if you reckon the car is ready to launch as of now the early phases of marketing work commences as does the beginning of early production phases so that quality and error is retained and evaluated thoroughly. As I said work commences on the final areas of development and then work continues for adapting to other markets prior to the European market especially strict US legislation.

    BMW are simply following the same idea as they had with the M5. Showcase ait as a Concept car build the anticipation levels watch the hysteria from afar and then introduce the production car. The E60 M5 in europe had an intoduction a year later from the end of production of the E39 in July 2003. Everything is on schedule.

    The “production” car will have it’s official media release in July with the final production car having it’s international debut @ the IAA in Frankfurt in September . German and European sales are expected to begin shortly after which will then commence with the media release of the M3 Cabrio in November which might possibly debut at the Los Angeles show or the NAIS in January. US sales are expected to commence before the Spring .

    Of course this is of course if everything runs to schedule in which delays may be inevitable if the development of a problem or delay appears. Although you are seeing almost finished cars on the streets , The development phase known as FEP continues right up to launch – The development programme for this car is very intensive it’s a bit like a strict physical requirement for an elite military unit.

    The new M3 in it’s development has literally been to hell and back. The competition has now developed further and benchmarks such as the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and entry-mid level 911’s have been assessed alongside the new M3. Where you would never think they would be upagainst the previous M3 – This gives the clear impression of the strategic shift BMW have taken with the new M3 On which there is a clear reason why.

    Keep the first week of March free in your diary.”

  • Due to personal reasons I will not be attending the show (though I finally received the passes). Actually due to the Lufthansa strike flying there would have been s huge issue so it is actually for the better- I was to leave on Thursday…

    We will keep you updated on the show though we will not be in attendance as originally planned.


  • [Quote: Michael] Due to personal reasons I will not be attending the show (though I finally received the passes). Actually due to the Lufthansa strike flying there would have been s huge issue so it is actually for the better- I was to leave on Thursday…

    We will keep you updated on the show though we will not be in attendance as originally planned.

    Dude, can I have them? 🙂 Seriously, how abut raffling them off or something if they’re transferable.

  • Primo135- They are in my name so they are not transferrable, otherwise I would be more than happy to send someone for me…. I am disappointed to not be going as I was really looking forward to it; stuff happens and other things require my attention right now so my attendance at Geneva will need to wait until next year.

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