BimmerCast #17: BMW M1, Tesla, GT2 Livery & the Death of the Wagon

2011 Tesla Roadster Sport

This week we ‘re gearing up for Geneva with talk of the M1. Will we see it? We ‘ll know in the next couple of days. In the meantime you can listen for our take on the car and what to expect vs the M3 (and why BMW needs this car).

I also have a chance to talk a bit more about my experience with the Tesla Roadster Sport and some comparisons to the MINI E. Be sure to read the the full review.

Finally we talk about the potential death of the wagon. The 5 Series F11 wagon is debuting this April and the US market almost surely will not see the car. We talk about why and if it ‘ll ever be back.


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    Want to hear what the Tesla Roadster sounds like?

    Also, they used the Tesla for the sound of the motorcycle in the last batman movie “The Dark Knight”.

  • Nicolas

    Just finished listening to the podcast. As usual, great job. I thoroughly enjoy your input on BMW latest news.

    Now the question: A few podcasts ago, Mike mentioned that one model will be dropped from the 2011 lineup that will surprise enthusiasts. Speculation was it would be the E90 M3. BMWUSA lineup for 2011 has been detailed already and there seems to be no such surprise. Could you comment?

    Keep up the good work. We’re listening! Nicolas ’09 E90 M3 owner

  • Nicolas- There will be a surprise loss to the lineup but we can’t let the cat out of the bag (yet). I think some may already be able to figure it out as it has been hinted at on several occasions- luckily it is not the ///M3!

    Thanks for listening and your comment- though I am not a liberty to disclose anything further!


  • Joe

    Just finished listening to all 17 podcasts! Great stuff. I haven’t felt this stoked about BMW’s since my last track day, way back in 2008.

    What I like the most is the genuine focus on analysis, meaning, you guys are trying to discern why these cars are so good, trying to articulate why they create such a connection between driver and machine. You come across as enthusiasts, not fanboys. Your POV is perfect. And you also understand that its also a business, not the north pole.

    Indeed, as Nicholas said, we are listening!

    E92 335i lease ending May 23, 2010. Next: E90M3 or 997C2.