Toaster \”Nürburgring\”

 'Ring Toaster

All of us we here at BimmerFile are enormous fans of the Nordschleife. Some of us dream of driving there while some of us already have and await the next trip to the Green Hell.

What better way to start your daydreams about speeding around the “Karrusell ” than a piece of toast branded with the ‘Ring on it? Heck we can ‘t think of one better except for having a tall glass of Gerolsteiner and lemon to wash it down.

It seems we are not alone as the Nürburgring fan shop has an officially licensed toaster available for just shy of 30 euros. We know of at least one person out there that should own this piece of machinery… it would match the plate on their Z4- (MB; we ‘ll get you one if you do not already have it sitting on your counter!)

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  • ///MPWR

    Maybe not the technology the world has been waiting for but certainly a great enhancement of the quality of life for a view. Guys – this is the best birthday gift I could possibly ask for. April 7:)

  • ///MPWR-My birthday is the following week (12.4) so I will have my lovely wife order 2 🙂


  • La mejor manera de empezar el día, unas tostadas con el anillo de fondo. DESAYUNO RACING!!! jajaja.