25 years of BMW Technik GmbH

BMW Technik is the BMW Group ‘s research subsidiary that put simply works on the future. They step back from the day to day task of designing and building the next BMW and MINI models and focus on research and engineering at a level that ‘s simply not possible normally. And since the introduction of Technik 25 years ago the group has created show stopping engineering mules, concepts and even a few production components and full on cars. So with that said BMW is celebrating today with an enormous amount of photos and press releases meant to give you the full run-down on what Technik has done over the past 25 years. With it we also present you an incredible gallery of photos some of which are seen here for the first time. Keep in mind Technik doesn ‘t necessarily design cars. They engineer futuristic technology within those cars. The way the cars look often revolves around how they are engineered. In other words they ‘re not created to look beautiful. They ‘re created to show off new technology. (Full gallery after the jump)

Innovative force entails future capability. The BMW Group owes its status as the world’s most successful manufacturer of premium automobiles to an outstanding development concept in all areas relevant to driving pleasure, sustainability and safety. The principles of this pre-eminence have been forged over the last quarter of a century in BMW (Forschung und) Technik GmbH. The researchers operating within the framework of this think tank develop technologies and concepts for individual mobility in tomorrow’s world. The subsidiary was created 25 years ago as BMW Technik GmbH. With this company the BMW Group has a centre of competence that is unique throughout the world. It safeguards and expands technology leadership for BMW by providing a constant stream of innovations.

(You can download the entire 40 page release below)

+ 25 years of BMW Technik GmbH / Official BMW PDF

Full Gallery

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  • RJ

    Wow….the black BMW featured at the top of this story – the Concept vehicle BMW Just 4/2 (Z21) – BMW Technik GmbH 2001 – what a cool design! It reminds me a bit, in this 3/4 front view shot, of a shortened Mazda RX8.

    Great photos!

  • RJ

    Correction to above – the black BMW pictured is designated Z29, per the attached press release.

  • dr

    Well….I think the Z29 looks like they just fit together a body from a RX8, nose from a solstice and the headlights from a focus…..Oh and some ricer lambo doors…..these photos are certainly interesting but are quite ugly designs IMO

  • carl

    yea, was gonna say, other then the black z29 (& even it has ugly kidney grills) all the other designs are pretty fugly.

    i can’t see bmw doing a minivan – mercedes tried it with the R series, its pretty much been a failure for em.

    dune buggy? really?


  • RJ

    In BMW Technik GmbH’s defense….all of the pictures above are pretty old….it’s all period stuff…the Z29 is about the newest product shown…and that’s from almost 10 years ago. I think you have to place yourself back in the context of when these products were developed to appreciate them.

  • lava

    I’d like to know more about that small blue hatchback (11/20). It does not have the aggressive look of current designs, but its got some tire on it, and pretty wide shoulders. The hood is so short I wondered if this was a rear engine configuration?

    Also wondering why the black coupe in the opening image has different wheels front and back.

  • goat

    @lava – that is the Z13 concept from 1994. Rear engined and RWD. Efficient and nimble for chucking around the city. I wanted BMW to build that car SO badly after I saw it at a car show in my early uni days!! Still do! 🙂

  • lava

    Ahh, there are some rear engine RWD cars in BMW’s history book. That would be very cool to see.

  • goat

    @lava – You bet would be cool to see (and buy)! I think the Isetta re-birth will be a helluva display of innovation that I know BMW is capable of when they want to be. The eventual “junior” MINI models (smaller than current hatches) should be very cool too.