E89 Z4 GT3 First Lap at the Nurburgring (Video)

Hello opposite lock. This is the first lap of the BMW Z4 GT3 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife (as driven by Richarad Göransson for the Schubert Motorsport Team).

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  • Lee L

    Straight cut gears, YUM!

    That looked pretty wet. Many of his steering inputs looked like mere suggestions of where the car should go. Still, he drank a bunch of high performance cars milkshakes and look at the closing speed in some of those overtakes.

  • I am not seeing things and he was clutching on the downshifts?

  • Micah

    You are correct Damien — many sequential race boxes allow for no lift clutchless upshifts, but it’s still much easier on the drivetrain to use the clutch on downshifts.

    The Z4 GT3 looks as tail happy as a normal Z4 M Coupe…wicked fun to drive!

  • JonPD

    Seriously quick lap, still wonder how it will align up against the higher tech (and heavier) M3 GT2.

    Looks like BMW has another winner on their hands here. Still pinning after that monster V8 into a coupe E89.

  • Clutch for downshifts and starting off correct? DCT or 6MT? bonus question I ask everyone I see and its 50/50…

  • Micah

    Correct regarding clutch. Definitely not a DCT. 🙂

    One other interesting note in the vid — you can see it’s way loose when he starts, but it looks like he dials in max TC on the steering wheel early on, after which the handling balance appears much more neutral.

  • Lee L

    I was wondering what he was fiddling with on the wheel (other than the needed wipers). I thought maybe it was brake bias, but TC sounds likely given the wet conditions.