The 1 Series M Attacks the Nurburgring (w/Video)

Thanks to the photographer at the we have our best look yet at the new 1M. In fact things almost couldn ‘t look better at this point. For starters it ‘s got the widest fender flares this side of a 911 GT2. We knew it before but we never got a good look at them from a straight on view before these photos. Then there ‘s the sound. There ‘s little question that the noise you hear in the video below is that of an engine massaged by M engineers. Finally we see the carbon fiber roof appear for the first time. It ‘s a nod to the the E46 CSL as much as the current M3.

We expect the 1M to be shown in concept form this fall at the Paris Motor Show following by an internet unveiling of the final car a few months later (potentially in March at Geneva). After that production should start in late spring with summer deliveries to follow.

For those curious we believe that M is working on drivetrain and suspension set-up this week at the ‘Ring.

via Axis of Oversteer

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  • Chicane

    The Rear fender flare looks huge. Relatively, it enhances the unbalance of the stubby behind. From certain angle, you’ll see a big fender, but not the trunk. It is awkward.

    Is the front track actually widened? It sounds cool to have a 911 Turbo type of wide backend, but it doesn’t look good on the body of a 1.


  • Woo Haa! Widebody love! Just remember people get your name on the list/ put down a deposit NOW as this will be very very limited. All of our sources indicate a short run and low allocation. Pricing should be inline with a 335i E92 with some options, if sources are on point.

    Also- If enthusiasts really want cars that perform this is the test bed for it. The rear fenders may look out of proportion to the front, but there is a track based reason for this. If people fail to open their wallets for this limited edition do not be surprised to see more mainstream products moving forward. I am all for the Frankenstein look, it means they did what they were supposed to and engineer it for a purpose without care for looks…. remember the center positioned exhaust, that was when the engineers really ruled the roost.


  • Herr26

    For the concerned. If they look at the camouflaged prototypes they can see the integrated wheel arches under the disguise allowing a very muscular and powerful body – My initial reaction was how similar in appearance it looks compared with the E46 M3 and the regular E46 Coupe. With an M car we are keen on preserving identity and with that an M3 is not just a 3er with a faster engine , everything changes so you can tell the difference. That is why this is not just a 135i with more power. Of course your base car has to be exceptionally good to begin with and the 135i does not fail on this part. Expect greatness.

  • JonPD

    I have a lot of hope in this development, lets say I for one am “expecting greatness”.

    Engine/exhaust note is a little mild but could just be an artifact of the video.

  • eager2own

    Are we sure it’s a BMW? The roundels are blacked out.

    But more seriously, this looks very promising.

  • chas58

    Looks like it handles well from the video. Better than my car (or was it just the driver?)

    My $$$ says that we get a more aggressive exhaust in the US. That car sounded too TUV compliant – and that is something no one in the US is going to want on this car. I was thinking the same thing as Herr26 said – the camouflage cars had nicely integrated rear wheel flairs. Don’t expect the production car to look exactly like the mule shown here. I work around mule cars every day, and they can get pretty ugly. Don’t let it distract you.

  • mellowmcs

    This is an intriguing car for me. My only questions are, 1. will it offer dct? (which is a must for me due to my handicap) 2. cost with options to not exceed $48K.

    I love the look of this car, it also reminds me of the sexy 993 body shape but more modernized.

  • goat

    LOVE IT. Love the tidy size, the lowered stance, and LOVE the widebody sheetmetal reshaping!

  • jpd

    My predictions: Less than 355 hp-BMW doesn’t want to be accused of taking sales from 335IS. Price closer to $50K than $46. Only 6 speed or only DCT-much easier and cheaper to bring one transmission to market. VW has done this with the R Golfs.

  • lava

    if that is a CF roof, why is it only so back to the end of the door?

  • lava- that is not a CF roof, it is a piece over where the sunroof would be. In cars like this the engineering is not complete. A CF roof while light and strong torsionally may need cross members for crush prevention and an easy cost effective way of doing that would be using the frame from the sunroof. That is the way I interpret it anyways…


  • I love it. I can only imagine, once the car is done but that wider look is amazing.


    WOW, looks like BMW is just wasting their time! The 1 series should have been a stripped down BMW to lure younger BMW enthusiasts into the market! Make a car that you can turbocharge, supercharge and modify it’s suspension and you’ll create business that will last you years and years into the future! By adding more to your lineup, you’re just making everything else you make cheaper, especially when you’re proposing the production of a sub-one series front-wheel drive car? Sorry BMW… I’m not impressed.

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  • I’ll buy the first one…