Best Photos Yet of the 1M Test Mule

Sometimes we want to pack-up and just live in the wooded hills around the Nurburgring. managed to catch the most talked about BMW in years yesterday just outside the track as the driver reportedly waited to “waive ” to his colleagues. Seems a little pedestrian to us. I mean the ice-in-the-veins tester of the 1M should have no emotion and connection to other people whatsoever. He should be focused on doing nothing but making the new baby M the best small car in the world. The man should be Stig like.

Or maybe he just had to run to the bathroom? Either way check out the pics. They show some details (the roof is not yet carbon fiber) that we haven ‘t quite seen before.

(Thanks Alex for the tip)

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  • SMP

    The headline had me excited for a second. I’m not sure what makes these photos so “incredible”. To me the car looks like a stock 135i with flared fenders and different wheels. Looking forward to some pics of the actual car.

  • dave

    it would be pretty funny if this turned out to be a totally not-high performance version, like a hybrid or electric or something. don’t think that’s likely, but it’d be quite a laugh…

  • Obviously this mule is lacking a lot of the cosmetic changes of the production car, but I really hope they widen the front bumper and fenders more for continuity with the rear.

  • mellowmcs

    That rear window looks like it’s riveted or bolted. Possibly non glass material used for weight savings? Maybe Lexan or something similar?

  • chas58

    Guys, its a Mule, a Frankenstein. It is the hardware underneath that is important. BMW isn’t going to park this car at spy photo heaven if they don’t want to get some milage out of the gossip.

    (I shoulda posted pictures of the Panorama I took at the ring about 18 months before it was released – that was a driver that didn’t want to be spotted, but that car was in complete camo).

  • goat

    Looks fantastic to my eye! Can’t wait to see the flares integrated to sheetmetal. Wonder if it will have a CF roof as well? Brings back memories of lusting over e30 m3 back when I was a little kid buying car mags with every spare dollar. 🙂

    By the way, even in the 2011 model (Canadian and US market) the 128i and 135i come with orange corners in the headlights. The 1-M mule shows clear corners… a huge improvement and more in keeping with the 2010 e90/e92 refresh. The orange is one the biggest things turning me off of purchasing a 1 actually… anyone know how to source clear corners? I’ve seen a Hartge 1-series with clear corners on the web some place I think?

  • goat

    Well found the answer to my Q… looks like euro market (UK for example) and Australian market 1’s get the clear corners! And what an aesthetic improvement it is! Might make a relatively easy straight-swap for Canuck / US 1 coupe owners…

  • Shawn

    I’ll buy the first one

  • Tony

    Chas58 a Panorama WTF is that