The BMW 1M Once Again Captured on Video

Last week we showed you the first moving pictures of the new 1M (or M1 depending on who ‘s spreading the rumors). This week 1addicts gets in the act with some of it ‘s own exclusive video at the ‘Ring.

Look for the 1M to debut in concept form this fall at the Paris Motor Show and production to start late spring of 2011.

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  • Lee L

    Sounds better than the last vid, but the M3 at the end puts it to shame. Hopefully they can work on the exhaust note a little more before it is finished.

    Pretty funny to see the guy bog the clutch while he was trying to move the car away from teh camera.

  • fdavid

    Wow. This will be a scary ride to drive. Amazing.

  • Drill

    Damn, Paris is far enough away (5hr drive) that I’d need a hotel. And of course, everyone doubles their rates for the Auto Show 🙁

  • Drill- Priceline it now!

  • Love the sound! Definitely throatier than my 135.

  • plien69

    I’d be careful about assuming what the new exhaust sounds like. There are a couple of moments during the ‘Ring portion of the vid where I was really excited about the “raspier” sound of the M1/1M. Upon second viewing, I now think I’m hearing the sound of a trailing M3 which is not in the pic. The final scene of them both pulling away at the intersection made me realize this.

  • I’ll buy the first one