Z4 M Sport vs the Z4 35is: Which One Has the Nicer Rear

Since our recent test of the Z4 35is we ‘ve had several people comments, email and tweet us saying that the Z4 35is has a rear that is simply a deal breaker. But is it really that bad? Take a look above and you can easily see the difference between the Z4 with the M Sport aerokit and the Z4 35is. The “is ” literally has the same rear apron as the M Sport with one big exception – the rear faux defuser is painted body color rather than left flat black (or dark grey). Is it that bad? In our mind it ‘s definitely not as pleasing the eye as the M Sport package. It adds visual mass and looks less sporty in our eyes. But of course that ‘s us. Tell us what you think after the jump.

So here they are one more time for your voting pleasure (in order of fast-ness). Let us know which rear you prefer.

Which Z4 rear do you prefer?

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Z4 35i

Z4 35i M Sport

Z4 35is

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  • chas58

    the I and IS look like a heavy weight 6 series wannabe. The M sport is a lot leaner.

    If you had the IS, you could just paint the diffuser to match the M-sport if it made that much difference to ya.

  • lava

    I think the both the M and IS add to many elements to a design that is already busy with feature lines. If the M did not wrap around the corners I’d vote for it. But as it is, it does not feel any more “sporty” or “aggressive” – just uselessly busy.

  • MMMike

    The real deal-breaker is the fact that a manual transmission is not an option.

  • Hunter

    Have to agree with MMMike on that one!

  • Chadwick

    When only discussing the rear end, the first two cars are in light colors which I think look better than red, and the dark lower portion on the M looks more pleasing than the 35is in red. But sill, the dual exhaust on the 356is gets my vote. Now….. if the 35is is white with that lower section in carbon fiber…pure eye candy.

    I still say manual shifting is overrated. I admit its fun and I prefer it in SOME situations but as an everyday driver….hell no! I ordered my 335is with 7 speed DCT, best of both words, and with a sunroof! Oh no!

  • JonPD

    Taking away a manual kills a great percentage of the driving dynamics. Yes DCT is quicker but also three steps closer to to the automatic (something best left to people who multitask in their cars).

    This just removes the driver further away from driving. Also the level of control you have with a manual is unmatched. I personally never will buy any car that doesn’t have a manual, I personally think technology has its place is not between me and my car.

  • Matt Korr

    What about a 35is with that piece in Carbon Fibre? BMW have their own carbon fibre company now! I would also like that on the interior trim aswell.I don’t understand why its not offered.

  • smoke4ndmears

    Z4MC over all.

  • FourOFour

    I had an M3 for 4 years with SMG. I know the DCT is light years ahead of the SMG particularly for smooth shifts, but I can not figure out why any one would want these transmissions unless one was already looking for an automatic. Sure the DCT (and the SMG for that matter) can shift very fast. Big deal, I personally don’t live on a 5 mile closed course straight away. Nothing matches entering a corner, down shifting from 5th to 3rd, and powering out of the corner.  Try skipping gears with those silly steering wheel paddles, not so much fun.

    I finally found a buyer for the M3 several months, many people passed it over once they found out it had SMG. I will never make that mistake again.

  • Simon

    I think in darker colours the IS will look much better. in the red the shapes stand out too much and dominate the rest of the rears angles

  • Babak

    I personally though the regular 35i model was best as the M-Sport with the plain black diffuser was odd, and the 35is was too busy for my taste. Until I saw the 35is on the road in person. It was AW, with black wheels, going through the twisty roads on the way to Kahlenberg in Vienna. Beautiful car, especially in that setting. The front is obviously beauty, and I thought the rear looked very nice with the two part diffuser.

  • Mark

    FourOFour – I think you answered your own question about SMG/DCT with “smooth shifts” and “shift very fast.” Shifting fast is not just for straightaways — it’s even better in corners because (I think) it’s just as fun to focus on threshold braking than shifting. If you like to skip gears, then obviously you’re better off with a regular manual, and more power to you. But you’re comparing apples and oranges if skipping gears is the only basis for comparing a regular manual with SMG/DCT.

  • rbama

    To the gentleman who said the is would look better in darker colors is exactly right. The car looks completely different in light colors and frankly I just don’t like the red as it should have been a much darker shade, something along the lines of burgundy would have been very good.

    If the look like the rear end of the is you will not like the rear end of the M6 as they have the same look.

    I have one ordered (Space Gray/Black) which will be picked up two weeks from today. I believe the car will have a very masculine look. Can’t wait to see it.