(Update) BimmerCast #20: The Z4 35is, 335is, 1M and the 550 GT vs Wagons

Updated with improved audio – this recording wasn ‘t quite the best but we ‘ve managed to work on the levels based on your feedback. Look for further improvements in next week ‘s show.

We ‘re celebrating our 20th episode of bringing you the best BMW news via the original BMW podcast and this week we ‘re fresh off drives of the 335is and the Z4 35is. We talk about both cars and how they bring M levels of performance to BMW ‘s “series ” cars. Steering feel is back in the Z4 and the 335is sounds like a race car. What ‘s not to like? We also get you updates on the latest news around the 1M that will debut in Paris.

Did someone say wagons? We talk the ultimate wagon killer, the 550 GT and how it compares to the 5er wagon as well as wagons in general. It ‘s big, fast and surprisingly capable. Is it truly a replacement for wagons? You ‘ll have to listen.


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  • Chadwick

    No Gabe…. no one said wagon….you said wagon…you always say wagon…..you say wagon every podcast…..only you love wagons…your a wagon. Happy 20th podcast!

  • JonPD

    Great podcast as normal guys

    I did spend some time checking out the 550 GT the other day and can say its a great interior. Think I aged 10 years though looking at the exterior, it screams AARP to me.

    I for one would choose a wagon every time over this ugly duckling.

  • chas58

    What is the deal with the brake ducting? Is this taken off of the 335 models, and then added back on to the 335is? My e91 328 wagon has a nice ducts next to the foglights that shoots air right at the brakes.

    As for the Z4is – why shouldn’t it cost what the ///M3 costs? Is it a badging problem? I due plenty of track days, but for a street car I can’t say I would choose the ///M3 over the Z4is. They both offer quite different attributes, but I’m not sure one is a better value than the other.

    BTW, what ever happened to the Z2? Exactly a year ago you wrote about it comming to the 2009 Frankfurt Auto show. Any news since then? A $60K Z4 is crazy money for a car. A $30,000 2,200lb roadster is more my cup of tea. Update us on the Z2 please!

  • Natextr

    Another fine podcast. You guys mentioned that the Z4is is sort of high priced in the low to mid-sixties. I assume that this thing is aimed squarly at our friends over at Dr. Ferdinand’s outfit. The Boxer “S” built with leather sports seats, Xenons and the DPK is North of $68,000. You don’t get a hard-top and it has 30 fewer HP and a hundred LB-Feet less. An Audi TTS roadster with the Prestige package comes in at $56,000. The Z4is has more of everything than either of these other cars. I think that BMW has a winner on their hands and since it is ever-so-slightly more refined than something from the guys at Motorsport, it is probably going to appeal to a very diverse group of, admittedly, well-healed drivers.

    On a side-note. Please try to figure out the audio thing. I can barely hear Gabe when he speaks. Yet, when Michael comes in, his voice is so loud and clear. I find myself adjusting the audio whenever either of you are speaking (thank god for steering wheel controls)…

    Keep up the good work!

  • chas58

    I second the audio thing. I can’t hear gabe – turn the volume up full, and then get blasted when Michael speaks. Drives me nutz.

    On the other hand, you guys must have good juju. Somehow you conjured up a new F10 5 series when I was listening to the podcast. That was quite a shock to see one in person driving down the road with me. Good looking car (from the rear 3/4 view at least), but I’m no fan of that EU mandated nose.

  • Keep them coming! More 335is! and M3 talk. Maybe expand into BMW events, CCA events and anything related to BMW? Car set up even anything just keep them coming!

  • lol I was going to say Gabe’s audio sounds so nice and clean and smooth and then you have to turn the mike down for Mike and you cant hear Gabe. Is it that you use different microphones or that Mike is coming on over the phone?

    KEEP THE 335is INFO COMING!!!!!! 😀

  • Gabe is in Chicago, and I am in CT. We are working on the quality as we have invested in some high quality mics that are not so cheap, the levels are just tough sometimes as they sound fine during the recording, we have to work on post production a bit. Thanks for bearing with us.

    We will have much more news related to track days and such, the nicer weather has just begun!

  • Joe

    Nice podcast again. I couldn’t listen until yesterday. You got the comments on the levels, so I won’t belabor the point.