BMW M3 GTS on the \’Ring (Official Video)

Let ‘s forget for a second that most of us can ‘t get to the ‘Ring. Then let ‘s pretend that the M3 GTS is not sold out and that we can all in fact just walk down the street and buy one with our imaginary bag of cash just sitting around the house. Now, lets imagine ourselves at the ‘Ring with said Inka Orange M3 and not another car in sight. That ‘s basically the scenario that Günter Schilling (M Division test driver) found himself in recently when he had a chance to take the fastest M3 ever out for a few shakedown laps on the Nürburgring.

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  • lava

    too many cuts – I want to see the thing roll!

  • Chadwick

    Talk about a car giving your a hard on. TMI, I know, but still.

    Lava, for sure, too many cuts, lets see this thing rip down a straightaway and carve through some twisted curvy road.

    Oh god I would love to have the M3 GTS and the Z4 Mille Miglia in my garage……and the M1 homage and the Vision concept as well 😀 x ∞