New F25 X3 Teased

As we have been reporting, the new X3 will soon make its debut. In June the vehicle that so many are awaiting will be revealed (my wife being one of them). With the X3 BMWNA will usher in a new age of build to order vehicles for the US market. This concept is not all that different than what has been occurring in Germany for many years, you are not tied to packaging and the color palette may widen a bit. Since the X3 will be built in South Carolina it affords the car less transit time to dealers and makes the wait less than a built to order car would be from Europe. Remember the big push to get Lemon Ice as a priority one, or how about Phoenix Yellow on the E92 ///M3- those would not have been needed if the full German catalog was open to us in the States. That is what the rumor mill is saying will happen, the US will be unleashed on the BMW options like never before.

What BMW is hoping to capitalize on is that since each vehicle is specific to each buyer, there will be less need to discount vehicles that have been sitting on lots. Will US buyers that are notoriously impatient when it comes to purchasing vehicles actually buy into this? That is left to be seen but the customization and right to build what you want is a tempting offer. The above images are official teasers from the Dutch BMW site, it is worth noting that these official images show that the rear light cluster is more 3 Series refresh than one would have imagined, We have heard that the front lights are what really set this new model apart from the rest of the lineup as they are not in typical BMW asymmetrical design.

Stay tuned!

Images: BimmerPost

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  • Micah

    Is BMW bringing either the new X3 or X1 to the USA with a manual transmission option?

    • Nothing has been officially announced but rumblings have pointed to the X1 being available in RWD with a 6 speed manual. The X3 is doubtful as it will be similar in status and stature as the previous generation X5.


  • BTW had a chance to see a fairly camo free X3 yesterday “behind the gates” in Munich. Really a huge improvement and arguably the best looking SAV to date from BMW.