Bill Auberlen + M3 GT: Laps at Laguna Seca

This is the first in car video we have been able to get our hands on of the BMW Rahal Letterman GT car in action. It is a great ride even with the camera shake. Thanks to BMW for coming through and giving us enthusiasts something more to drool over!

Ride with BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team driver Bill Auberlen during qualifying for the May 22, 2010 six-hour race at Laguna Seca. Copyright BMW of North America, LLC.

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  • lava

    that appeared to be at least two laps actually.

    Remind me – do these GT racers have DCT transmissions, or manual shifting?

  • Lava- they use sequential gearboxes.

  • lava

    Thanks Michael. Do you know if they use hydraulic or electronic actuators with steering wheel paddles, or a conventional stick?

  • It has a 6 speed transaxle made by Xtrac with Ap carbon clutch discs.The transmission communicates with the engine via the CANBUS. The ECU cuts the engine’s torque when the shifter is moved, no need to lift off the accelerator.

    Shifting is completed with pneumatic actuators if I remember correctly.


  • lava

    Ok, so its essentially doing rev matching for the driver, and maybe with paddles, maybe not.

    I started this line of questioning because the rev matching in the video sounded masterful and I was wondering if it was the driver or the transmission.. Not to take anything away from the drivers, but I just like to understand the role the tech plays.

  • There are no paddles- it is a long shifter, the transmission and ecu provide the matching much like the Dual Clutch, but this is much beefier and does not require any loss. The transmission PTO and other goodies are rear mounted for ideal weight balance

    I have extensive images of the car setup but I do not remember what I can publish etc. so here is an interior shot posted by someone else via Flickr-