BMW M3 Competition Package in Frozen Black Metallic

And now for no other reason than it ‘s Friday and we love to look at M cars, we present you BMW ‘s latest M3 competition package finished in the new Frozen Black Metallic. The color is available throughout the world (yes even the US) as a special order paint option.

And for those who remember our report from the Detroit Autoshow, yes this is the color that head of BMW Design Adrian Van had on his personal M3.

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  • Chris318

    It´s not Frozen Grey!! It´s Frozen BLACK!!

  • eager2own

    Love it.

  • Jon

    A matte black paint job from the factory? That is pure evil, and I just drooled all over my keyboard. ME WANT!

  • That looks interesting- as most may know I just don’t “get” these matte colors. It is a fad, it will pass and then the car will get repainted as the owners will realize this. Can we say “Ed Hardy” or even “Von Dutch”?

    This will pass, and I will continue to laugh each time I see these flat paints.

  • I disagree 🙂

  • JonPD

    Love it!

  • hank chinaski

    yeah Mike– they laughed at Van Gogh, too.

    I don’t get hard for dark cars & view this as modern,- but I’m not old enough to remember 50’s hotrods burnin’ about. and it’s photographed so well it has depth to it.

  • hank chinaski

    it’s not retro– it’s rock!

    now where’s the Inka-colored new 3-coupe they teased?

  • Melis

    I like the color. My only aversion to Matte colors is I hear you can’t do spot repairs because you can’t “buff out” the surrounding area. Gabe, any word on if this applies to BMW Matte paint, too?

  • votom808

    I prefer the matte grey to black and I’m a die hard black car owner. I like the idea of the matte black but in pics it always looks like a primered car. It would be interesting to see what vibrant colors (blue perhaps) would look like in a matte finish. Can’t wait to see what a black one looks like in person.

  • Frozen Grey for me on my ///M1. Unless of course they offer Inca Orange. 🙂

  • Dave Z

    Looks fantastic and it reminds me of the song of the same name by Catherine Wheel.

  • JonPD

    Would love a flat Inca Orange myself on the 1M

  • Lee L

    SO, how do you care for this paint? Can you wax it without screwing it up? It looks cool, but I can see some long term issues here.

  • Holy cow I need this car in my life right now!

  • JonPD

    A lot of how to take care of this type of finish really depends on how they shoot the paint. Despite Michael’s respectable opinion (as somebody that painted cars previously) flat paints have been used by a variety of show cars over the last many years. The industry has evolved way past the days of using oxidated paint to achieve a flat paint finish.

    There are a couple of ways they are working this these days. I expect though the process that BMW is using is a typical basecoat, paint coat ,and then a flat clear coat. This is normally done by wax or silica being mixed into the clear coat. The downside to this though is that handled parts on the car you can actually run the finish to more of a gloss through friction. I would likely approach this with a standard wash and occasional clay bar treatment. To refinish the clear I would likely color sand the gloss points to bring the contrast back to a match.

    Also the interesting point is that from the look of the car its not really flat (<10% reflectivity), its likely matte (10%-30% normally).

  • Dylan

    It looks fabulous. What a statement. Modern art (on wheels!)

  • Pat H.

    Michael, if the US will be getting that car, you’re gonna be laughing at me everytime you pass my house 😉