A Farewell of Sorts to the Current 6 Series

BMW 6 Series

If you have been living under a rock for the last six months you may not be aware that the current 6 Series is ending production a bit early with 2010 models being the last produced. There are technical reasons for this that are overly complex and are really not worth delving into as this car being eliminated early is not going to make us shed a tear. Some of us (myself included) express disdain toward the 6 Series, not necessarily for those the car is marketed to or in the end who actually drives it but towards the car itself. The 6 is something of an anomaly when compared to other BMW models, it ‘s a model that had been set aside for a while and then resurrected as an effort to build a luxurious grand touring coupe to compete with the other German offerings.

The current 6er is a model that was designed to be trendy, sporty and ultra luxurious all in one package. It wasn ‘t great in any of those areas except for maybe the trendy part- which is huge reason why the car looks so incredibly dated already. It had luxury, but not more than say a 5 series and in a market place that included some very exclusive offerings, it just did not fit (especially in the ultra expensive ///M version) Looks aside, glad not to go there in depth, the car also was not as dynamic as some of BMWs other offerings. It had a balance and sporting intentions only the designing team and a few Kool Aid drinker ‘s could love, it was nothing like a BMW in many ways. It was a softer more posh luxo barge that drove the part, and yet was designed to compete with cars that would drive circles around it. The current generation 6 Series ultimately was a car that wore a badge that buyers liked. Sure we may be wrong and maybe our take on this BMW model is a bit harsh, but you are more than welcome to let us hear about it in the comments section, while we are huge BMW fans we can call a spade a spade and stick by it.

F13 6 Series Spied

The new 6 series lineup will feature a coupe, a convertible (a soft top with hard top option) and as we have been reporting a 4 door coupe along the lines of the Gran Coupe Concept. Rumors also have BMW working on a late addition offering in the form of a shooting brake; we feel like that would be one too many variants for such a low volume market and it will ultimately not be produced, but only time will tell. For power, like the current models, BMW will utilize some of the offerings from the 5 Series so there will be no surprises there- in the US we will see the V8 twin turbo and possibly an inline 6 turbo powered version. We expect BMW to improve the 6 Series a great deal moving forward with the new generation 6 (F12/13/14) set to debut in the Spring of 2011, and we truly want to like it. We have a suspicion that we will love the next 6 series and we will be the first to admit it when we do.

Spyshot- Car Magazine

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  • Russell

    Have to disagree on the E63/E64 cars. People who think they are sports cars are going to be disappointed, people who think they are luxury cars are going to be disappointed, but as a Grand Touring compromise, this is an epic car. I have driven a Coupe for about 8,000km throughout Europe with my wife, son and all our luggage and every mountain pass left me with a grin from ear to ear. Sure a Porsche or an M3 could have done better, but I would have had to leave the family behind, or uncomfortable after 8 hours. On another trip I took a Convertible for about 6,000km throughout Northern Europe and Scandinavia, and I can’t think of anything else in the price range that would have been as much fun through a Norwegian switchback while being so capable on a Danish motorway. My 650i Convertible has been all over Australia, 3 up with luggage and is just a great car to enjoy a good mountain road in. It may be different in the US, but here the 6 is a LOT more luxurious than a 5- auto-dipping high beam, active headlights, Heads-Up, Comfort Access, Speech Recognition, are all things that weren’t available on a 5 when I bought the 6. If the F12/F13 can fix the looks (and spy photos are encouraging), I think it still has a great place in the BMW catalogue. It’s not best at anything, but it is very good at a lot of things…

    • Russell-Thanks for the well thought reply. In the US the 5 saw almost the same option package as the 6, some items were launched several months earlier on the 6 than the 5 but for the most part they were the same. I will say that the 6 console and dash are a bit better than the E60’s. I never viewed the car as a true sports car but at the same time it was even less of a driver’s car than even the MB offering- I am not alone in this opinion.

  • votom808

    Agree on the disdain for the current 6 series. As a fan of the e24 (Chevy Chase’s 6 in “Nothing But Trouble” was awesome) I was happy to learn about the comeback. But the looks just never did it for me. The back 1/3 of the car is hideous and I’m happy to see the dumpy butt design go.

    The car is a big coupe and for me the trick will be how the lines on the new 6 convey a more sleek and agile look. Can’t wait to see a new one in person.

  • RJ

    Hey Michael, I know everyone is entitled to their opinion…but wow…to throw all this disdain on the 6 series seems a bit much. BMW has a number of models that are less than stellar in design and execution. A few that come to mind are the new X1, the soon to be replaced X3, the new Pontiac Aztek lookalike 550 GT….

    • My view may be in the minority, it may be a bit harsh but I can’t seem to find any reason to like the outgoing 6; never have. I never had a desire to strive to own one or know anyone that has. Though those that have them love them or at least liked them enough to park them in their driveways- to each their own, heck I like things people hate as well!

      Whereas the outgoing X3 created a new segment, and while it is on its last leg it still handles better than the newer designed competition. The X3 has recieved a good share of ridicule from me over the years but in the end it was a vehicle that I did not completely dislike.

      The 5GT is one of those vehicles that not everyone will like, but it does many things well and to me the looks are Bette than some cars; the E63 included. The GT is a car I would buy for my better half if it was smaller.

      If someone can give me a reason to like the outgoing 6 I am all ears- Lord knows some have tried over the years. I will still opt to get a MB or Jag, blasphemy but the truth in that segment.

      I know BMW will do much more this time around with the 6 because if you gave them truth serum they would say they wished they did a few things differently. I have a feeling the new 6 is going to be a car more to my liking and I can’t wait to admit that. I am a fan of what BMW is doing with the new models launching and from what I am hearing the new 6 is going to be a huge improvement.

  • goat

    I’m in the “Revile The Current 6” group too, and I hate to admit that because it means admitting to myself (as a BMW fan) that BMW put out a less-than-great product. But I am by no means the target demographic, and those writing above seem to have enjoyed their time with the 6 so if anything redeems the current 6, that does.

    I think the biggest failure of the current 6 is its looks (and size/weight), actually. It looks gargantuan and swollen both in photos and in real life next to other cars. A big classy athletic coupe – aesthetically at least – was done very well by Jaguar in the old XK coupes. Lithe and athletic and “personal” in appearance, rather than looking like a 7series with less doors and a chopped roof height. BMW has done better (shark nose 6 coupe of the 1980’s) and can do better… I am sure the replacement car will prove this.

  • Max

    In some way, I have to admit that the 6er (and yes, from this point on you’ll know I’m German 😉 ) as it currently drives on ou roads is somewhat very Bangleish – meaning that it is ugly and extremly beautiful at the same time.

    Personally, I totally have to agree with Russell – you will probably not find any better real Gran Tourismo car in the world. The luggage compartment is “giant”, and the side lines of the coupé are classic coupé lines mixed with classic BMW lines.

    Whatever one may think personally about the 6er, it will go down into BMW history as one of the really great coup̩s Рalongside with the 3.0 CSL, it own ancessor E24 and the 8er.

    (You may notice that I personally don’t like the convertible, though the roof design and construction may also become a classic…)

  • Kyle S

    I’ve always thought the E63 6er was gorgeous. The front end is one of the most unique, handsome designs I’ve ever seen on a car. I’ve seen renderings of the next generation and I’m not quite as impressed. It looks bland and uninspired, like many of the new BMW models emerging in this redesign cycle. Bangles designs were cutting edge, unique, not afraid to go outside the boundaries. They were like BMW in that aspect, independent, inspired, and resourceful. A conservative BMW will be the end of BMW.