Bimmercast #23: Munich Trip Wrap-up, X5 M, F10 5 Series, M5 and 1M Pricing & Launch Dates

This week we start off talking about what we ‘re both driving and reviewing starting with the X5 M (hate the transmission, surprisingly love the car) and then moving onto the F10 550i (better in every way over the E60).

Another week means another couple stories worth of 1M rumors and many more details. So we touch on what we expect with the new baby M and when we expect it (hint; it ‘s looking pretty damn good). What about production? Will it be easy to get one? The easy answer is sort of.

We then take some time to recap my recent trip to Munich and BMW ‘s new environmental testing center and talk about what it means for BMW ‘s products and those plastic and swirl clad test cars we ‘ve grown to love.


Download (28 MB MP3)

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  • JonPD

    Great show guys, hands down loving the shows so keep it up.

    Love the talk about the 1M for sure and really look forward to learning more. Just hoping that when they name it that they make sure to have M in the name (135is makes me bored lol).

    Now talk about a potential E89 ///M, give me access to buy a coupe and I would be a very happy man. Not a big fan of the N55 Turbo being at the heart of it though. Do have to disagree though about the V8 not fitting the E89. The E89 GT3 uses the V8 so rather think not putting the V8 into would be a shame. Between the audio track of that engine and the design of the E89 could not think of a better combination.

  • JonPD

    I also have to believe that if a Manhart shoved the V10 into the E86 and Franken M3 did put the same motor into a E30 M3 I can’t really believe between the race car, Manhart’s E86 and the Franken M3 that the E89 would not handle the V8. I think this is more about BMW stopping M3 owners crying foul.