Auto Stop/Start Coming to the US?

We always have our ear to the ground in search of the latest BMW news and speculation. What we are hearing these days is that BMW will be upping the Efficient Dynamics push. Sources have been reporting that we will see the introduction of auto stop/start at some point in the not so distant future into new models and markets.

Based on our information all indicators point to this beginning with the September 2010 production run and will be available in a variety of non-hybrid vehicles for the first time; possibly including the ///M3 and the V12 powered 760. Auto/Stop start is a feature that can be turned on or off by the driver, the system basically turns the engine off when the car is at a stop idling and restarts when the accelerator is depressed. It has not been taken into account by the EPA for official MPG figures but is said to improve economy in the real world as is evidenced by EU methods.

We will update you as we hear more about this strong rumor.

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  • Bob

    A lot of people in this area commute into NYC everyday and this sounds like a good idea as long as it didn’t flatten the battery.

  • chas58

    Its kinda cool for urban driving. Sure makes the car quiet at stop lights!

  • Babak

    I’ve got a (probably stupid) question. Wouldn’t there be any long term impact on the engine as a result of the constant stop/start procedure? I understand it can be turned off, but if it was left on…

  • JonPD

    I would rather not have this feature on a car that I own unless it could be shut off. Great for driving to the market but I have been in enough situations where a small fraction of time would have put me into a dangerous situation.

  • Auto Start-Stop is already available on U.S. cars – at least one. The ActiveHybrid 7 which I just spent a week with has it.

  • Alex S.

    I have Start/Stop on my R56. It needs some getting used to (pressing the clutch a little bit earlier than what you would normally),the power-steering takes a second to engage, the radio and A/C cuts off for a second during start up. Then you have all the sensors like if you unbuckle your seat belt while your stopped at a light the car won’t turn on. Don’t get me wrong I like the system and works well, but it needs some getting used to. My only question is isn’t it illegal to have your car in Neutral at a traffic light?

  • Having driven an EU car with the system I am concerned about the use in the US for one reason- in the US we do not have countdown traffic lights there is no yellow before green to tell you to get going, it just goes red to green and I am sure there will be a lot of people that will get beeped at!


  • [d]

    I have been praying for a 320d coupe with Start/Stop functionality for years now. Maybe it will finally come true. Great news…

  • Mark

    Just spent a week in Spain driving a 116 with this feature. Its easy to master and never caused problems, or slow starts, even in heavy city traffic. The system can be turned off, but we used it the whole trip.

  • Raider

    So, it is coming for the new 5er in September, right?

    Wonder why it took so long, because it’s been a while in the 4 cylinders and ZF has it ready -for it’s 8speed auto- too since last year…

  • This feature has been available for the European market since Sept 2007. It is only available on 4-cylinder cars with manual transmission.