Official: BMW X3 Preview

The official unveiling of the new X3 is coming very soon (next week if what we are hearing is correct). BMW has teased the X3 over the last year but now they have launched a teaser website with more images and bits of info about the 8 speed transmission and the new 35i version.

The teaser site can be found here. While it is not earth shattering in nature it is worth a few minutes if you have time to kill.

Oh and the login is from the folks in marketing: JOYX3

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  • MisterB

    The instrument cowl and dash lines look amazing. Too bad that we can do Euro Delivery on the new one…

  • “Page not found” – perhaps it was removed? 🙁

  • Bob

    Stop/Start technology! This will be interesting. Wonder if it will be offered across the monel lineup? I also wonder what happens to the a/c during an extended traffic jam. It must have one heck of a battery.

    • Bob- we have been reporting that the US will be getting start/stop in certain models this fall. The A/C does not work unless the car is a hybrid.