Is This a Sketch of the Upcoming Front Wheel Drive BMW?

Is this the new front wheel drive MINI based BMW 1 Series? The image above was taken from the promotional video below. Our gut feeling is that it ‘s likely not the car but perhaps something that didn ‘t ‘ make the cut. Regardless it ‘s a sneak peak into how BMW designers create the products we see on the street.

Note: As we ‘ve reported BMW ‘s main 1 Series line will remain rear wheel drive. However according to sources we believe the front wheel drive BMW mentioned above will also be marketed under the 1 Series name.

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  • JonPD

    I was wondering if it was a 1 series GT. The rear half of the car reminds me of the X6 series.

  • Que

    I wish they sold L versions of the 5 series in other markets, and not just in China. But if I think about it, the current 740i with the in-line 6 engine is a very close match.

  • This is the 5 GT design sketches as part of the designer competition. The final design was penned by the same designer as these. In the process of designing a car an original sketch is picked then must be modified to meet engineering requirements, safety so on and so forth. The 5 GT in the end had to fit on a specific platform and incorporate advanced safety systems and the two part rear gate…

    These images suggest some other key design elements to possible future vehicles (read 1/3)


  • The top left looks too much like the new Volvo S60.

  • The top RIGHT looks too much like the new Volvo S60.