The Best Looking E92 M3 Yet?

BMW NA is officially rolling the new range of Carbon Fiber accessories for the M3 and we thought it was a good opportunity to take another look at a car most of us can ‘t get enough of. The current E92 M3 with the Competition Package is nothing if not aggressive. In fact we ‘d have to say it ‘s our favorite E90 era 3 Series ever (sans the GT3 of course).

So for no real good reason, we present you the 2011 M3 with Competition Package in Alpine White.

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  • JonPD

    Very sharp looking car, Alpine White is a long term favorite color. The carbon extra’s are ok though a little late to the game as carbon fiber is everywhere these days it seems.

  • votom808

    Never been a big fan of the carbon fiber parts (the excess in cheap looking/fitting after market parts ruined it for me.) That said, I always thought that on BMWs, the carbon fiber really worked well with Alpine White. I’d have to say this combo on the e92 M3 is probably my favorite.

  • I’ve never been a huge fan of cars in white – don’t know why. They just don’t seem to “shine” the same way. It’s possible I’ve not had the proper exposure to the right white car. This car is gorgeous, but white likely wouldn’t be my color choice.

  • Ravaglia

    chamonix white is what we want.

  • what a wonderful car. always BMW is brand in automotive industry. i bought BMW E92 recently. amazing in performance.