BMW Updates iPhone/iPod Integration for Future Vehicles

BMW announced today that they will make use of the new iPod Out feature in iOS4 (Apple ‘s new operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch) in future vehicles. The launch of a newly developed BMW Group interface technology will give both future BMW and MINI vehicles an easy-to-operate, intuitive way of using their iPhone and iPod touch.

Official Release: iPod Out enables BMW and MINI infotainment systems to display and control the music playback feature in iPhone and iPod touch in the vehicle’s main display.The on-board monitor in BMW and MINI provides users with the simplicity and familiarity they have come to trust in their iPhone and iPod touch and the intuitive and integrated iPod navigation menu can be safely operated through the vehicle’sinterface controls. Additionally, state-of-the-art iPod features such as custom playlists and Genius, which instantly creates a playlist of songs that go well together from a user ‘s own library, is immediately made available to BMW and MINI drivers through the vehicle’s main display. iPod Out requires iOS 4 with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch (second and third generation).

The new interface technology developed for this purpose by the BMW Group enables continued availability of iPod Out features of iPhone and iPod touch in vehicles and represents a new milestone in consumer electronic device vehicle integration. Future vehicles equipped with this technology will be able to adapt more quickly to the software lifecycles of iPod touch and iPhone. The new interface technology was developed by an international cooperation of the BMW Research and Development Centre in Munich, Germany and the BMW Group Technology Office Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California.

Once again the BMW Group takes a leading role in the Infotainment integration of iPhone and iPod touch. In 2004, BMW was the first automobile manufacturer in the world to integrate iPod in the audio system. In the following year a corresponding solution was presented for MINI. Right on time for the market launch of iPhone in 2007, the BMW Group once again offered an exclusive technological solution for integrating iPhone in the infotainment system of its vehicles.

The new BMW Group iPod Out support mirrors the innovation strategy of BMW ConnectedDrive for the BMW brand and will be part of the new offer called MINI Connected for the MINI brand. Both brands aim at connecting driver and passengers to their personal infotainment world in an intuitive and non-distracting way while on board. The optimized use of consumer mobile devices in an on-board environment play a central role in this connection.

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  • Jeff

    Any word from BMW on support for phones built on Google’s Android platform? Apple may be on top now, but Android is quickly gaining, and it would be great if BMW were out front with the same level of integration.

  • We know Apple is actively pursuing Android support but (according to well placed sources) at this time Apple has been more willing to work with and provided more open support.

  • Ben

    Anyone knows whether the existing ipod/iphone interface will work with (not intergration) Apple iOS4? I just ordered the new iphone 4 (withe IOS4), I am hoping that the interface in my 2010 car still works.

  • Babak

    Apple and BMW have a good relationship. Much better than Apple has with others. BMW was first to integrate iPods, first to support iPhone, and now with MINI, first have serious iPhone integration (beyond music).

  • Babak

    Ben, by current system, do you mean the simple iPod functionality of the iPhone? If that’s what you are concerned about, there is absolutely 100% no reason why it wouldn’t work.

  • Adrian

    Ben – yes the current integration works with iPhone 4 and ios4 however with some BMW radios/I-drive systems users have found that after a iphone call has taken place, the iPod functionality of the iPhone does not resume playing the track.

    In the case above the iPhone was paired to the car via Bluetooth and also wired to the car via the BMW 30 pin apple y-cable.

  • Ben

    Babak & Adrian,

    Thanks much for the info. I have a MY2010 328i with ipod integration and bluetooth (newest idrive to date?) So I guess I am safe to take the plunge with iphone 4.

  • Any idea if there will be updates either via Apple or BMW that will better integrate with current models? My 135 works fine, mostly, but tells me my phone is not compatible and may have interference in the signal, etc. This occurred with my 3GS and now my iPhone 4. At least maybe make Bluetooth work?