Auto Stop/Start Officially US Bound

As we hinted at last month here at BF the US will see its first non-hybrid model with Auto/Stop Start with September production. We had heard several models would see this fuel saving feature this fall but official documents have revealed that the ///M3 will be the introductory model of this new to the US Efficient Dynamics technology.

Auto/Stop start is a feature that can be turned on or off by the driver, the system basically turns the engine off when the car is at a stop idling (while in Neutral) and restarts when the clutch or accelerator is depressed. It has not been taken into account by the EPA for official MPG figures but is said to improve economy in the real world as is evidenced by EU methods.

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  • Chris

    What does this do the gas guzzler tax?

  • Babak

    Probably will have no effect. The way the US measures MPG, Auto Start/Stop would have no effect on the MPG which is supposedly one of the reasons BMW hasn’t released this technology to the American market to date. They’d have the expense with no selling points to promote.

  • Raider

    Seems it’s not just the M3. Look what the X3 highlights release says “Auto Start Stop function featured for the first time in conjunction with six-cylinder engine and eight-speed automatic transmission.”

    When will it be implemented also in the other series?

  • Raider- You are looking at an EU release for the X3, this is not coming stateside at this time. The 8 Speed auto start/stop we broke news last fall on and had heard it would eventually replace the current 8 speed in all applications over the next several years.