At BimmerFile we ‘re generally anti car mag. Of course we should say most car mags. There are those that we absolutely love and admire and Britian ‘s EVO definitely fits into that category. And there ‘s no one better at EVO (or the automotive press universe) that better combines passion, driving skill and automotive knowledge than Chris Harris. That ‘s why this video will likely be the best look we get at the 1M until it ‘s truly driven by the world ‘s automotive press in early 2011.

The 1M project manager that drives Chris around Ascari mentions a couple of interesting pieces of info:

– M expects the 1M to lap the ‘Ring around 8:07. That ‘s 2 seconds off the E92 M3 ‘s pace
– M is still working on the sound of the car and hope to get a bit more glorious M noise out of the engine and exhaust
– The set-up of the suspension is generally complete

We also have a few other nuggets of information from Chris Harris (via EVO):

– The engine has been tuned by upgrading nothing more than the exhaust and remapping the engine.
– He says to expect around 340 bhp
– The car should debut in Q1 2011