You know all that code that goes behind the neatly designed iDrive interface? BMW will be launching an entirely new operating system that replaces that code according to Engadget. BMW ‘s partner in all of this is a company called GENIVI who is a consortium of automakers (GM, BMW, Hyundai and PSA) and technology companies (ARM, NVIDIA, Nokia and Intel). The group has declared that the platform of the future will be an iteration of Linux known in the industry as MeeGo.

According to our sources (and as we ‘ve previously reported) German company Harman will be building the actual modules for the new system. And while timetables haven ‘t been given, we expect to see something in the next two years. But what will we see? Likely not much. Remember this is the code, the underlining structure behind the interface we ‘re talking about. The best we can hope for is improved functionality, faster rendering and processing and a generally more high-tech platform to serve BMW ‘s next generation iDrive.