The improving US economy and an increasing willingness of the BMW demographic to spend has resulted in some great numbers for BMW NA.A closer look at the published data provided by BMW NA discussing model sales performance for the semi-annual period ending 30 June 2010 highlights trends within the sales numbers.

The 1-series continues to improve over the period increasing its share of overall volume at 6.01% from 5.94% a year earlier.It comes as no surprise that the 3-series dominates overall BMW volume representing a 46.88% of total BMW sales for the period, a modest increase from 46.26% over the same period 09, on higher numbers over greater total BMW brand vehicle sales.The newly introduced 5-series has rebounded, down overall from the year prior, but with excellent numbers in June.The new 7-series has come on strong as well improving it ‘s share of the overall BMW market.

The SAV ‘s continue to command more BMW volume 21.83% of overall BMW sales up from 19.19% the period prior.All models demonstrated improvement, most notably the X5 had the greatest take-up improving by 25.65%.Also the X3 in it ‘s final moments sees heavy volume.It seems the American propensity to choose the SAV continues.

We see that BMW continues to improve its overall volume in the US with an increasing proportion of overall sales coming from SAV ‘s in preference to passenger cars, which enjoy strong sales as well.The new 7, 5, and forthcoming X3 should represent further advantage for BMW as the new models gain share within the market.