BimmerCast #27; 5 Series Steering, 1M Details & Why We Want the Feel back in our BMWs

We ‘re back after our summer break with news on the upcoming 1M and…

  • A dissection5 Series steering performance
  • Thoughts on BMW NA sales (yes we talk about the 6 series)
  • The Rahal Letterman M3 GT2 performance
  • MINI (and BMW Motorsport) in the WRC
  • Why feel is so important and Nurburgring times aren ‘t.

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  • Mario

    Hey guys, just wanted to remind you BMW Motorsport developed the Formula One 1.5L M10-derived turbo 4 that powered the Brabham-BMW in the 1980s; so while the 1.6 in the Countryman WRC is small as compared to their recently developed fair, it’s not the smallest engine they’ve ever designed.

  • JonPD

    I would sign the petition guys!

    Personally for me yes road feel is important however ignoring performance on the Ring would be an epic failure. I wonder if a part of this is that BMW ///M is constantly being beaten around the track by a number of other vendors. Maybe they have realized that they need to return to their bread and butter (the handling and feel)since they are middle of the ground on acceleration and Ring times.

    Don’t get me wrong anywhere around 8 minutes on the Ring is quite a trip.

  • Joe C

    Personally, I think ring times are overrated. Watch any F1 race and explain the time differences on a race weekend for a given team. There are so many variables in play, how about temperature and tires alone, that 10 seconds or of 480 (2%) could easily account for that. Then what about drivers? Can one driver over 10 years of testing be so consistent as to be +-1pct over that entire period?

    That said. I like head to head competitions on a track. At least we can be sure about the ambient concitions, and the stock condition of the cars…

    Nice podcast, but no revealations, unfortunately. I really enjoy your road test impressions.

  • goat

    Good show. Glad to hear Gabe politely “call out” the as currently heard soundtrack of the 1M as disappointing. I would go a step further and say that I find both N54 and N55 a sonic non-thrill. Utterly boring from idle to redline, frankly. Infinitis make better sounds even (except for their thrashy top ends). It’s tough to get a turbo motor to sound inspiring but I’m still hoping for the best from the M group on the production 1M.

  • 03Beastcharmer

    Good podcast. As a E39 M5 and E86 M Coupe owner I love them both even if they are not the fastest things around the ring. They are so much fun to drive!!

    Oh, and you should come to Ofest. We’re coming from Texas, and who doesn’t want to drive Road America. Can’t wait to see what Kay Segler has to say (and show).