3 Series Wagon Named Best Car for Dogs

CNN is calling the 3 Series wagon one of the best cars on sale in the US for dog owners. Of course this is not a shocker to anyone who has owned one (your owner included) but perhaps a great way to shed some light on one of BMW ‘s best kept secrets.

To put it plainly, we here at BF think that there isn ‘t a more perfect family vehicle than the one you see above. Too bad BMW North America is killing it in the US with the next generation 3er (the F30).

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  • Mark

    OK I’m busted. My plan for 2014 (retirement approaching) was to down grade the 535 wagon to whatever the 3 series offered given the F11 crisis, and take 3 series Touring ED for a great driving experience, with room for luggage for a multi week vacation.

    Now what? Is BMA NA out of their mind? Don’t even get me going about the GT or X – no $ will be leaving my pocket. I know I’m not alone.

  • Roy

    And, horror of horrors, I’d like a 3-series 335d Touring. How about that BMWNA?

  • Rich

    Until BMW makes the 3 or 5 Series Diesel Wagons available in the US I don’t think you can call it the best kept secret. It’s about time BMW bring high fuel efficiency vehicles to the US like Audi and VW.

  • As an e91 owner I would completely agree… My biggest complaint is having the black interior with a Yellow Lab! 🙂

  • Evan

    I’m extremely disapointed that the F31 will not be making it to the USA. BMW blames poor sales, yet they never market the car. The most recent 3er USA ads have a coupe and convertible in the foreground with the sedan in the background and no Touring. Ridiculous. I’m sure the finance people are looking at the low volumes, the hit the CAFE numbers take in selling more wagons over SUVs and that with the new F25 being built in SC the price difference will evaporate all as reasons for no more wagon.

    It’s a terrible day in the USA. It was bad enough the first two generations didn’t make it, wonderful when the E46 did and the E91. It looks like I’ll have to put in for an end of the build E91 (RWD, sports package, normal relation of height to the road, plus room for stuff, what else would you want?)

  • Evan

    And diesels won’t do well in the USA until the cost of diesel fuel is always equal to or less than gasoline, the government subsidizes it, the cost difference isn’t in the thousands of dollars and well, that’s enough.

    Audi/VW do sell diesels in numbers, yet still not the majority of their USA sales by far. Don’t get me wrong, the torque and subsequent pull of a diesel is wonderful, but we have to be realistic about the USA sales environment and why Europe runs on diesel before constantly bemoaning the lack of BMW diesels in the USA.

    I think a sport package 335i Touring would be a great offering!

  • Drill

    Dude, the first E91 I test drove was a German Spec 335d with M Sport kit… I LOVED IT!!!

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