Charting The Growth: 1 Series Comes of Age

Cars have been on a growth pattern for many years so seeing the picture below isn ‘t surprising. But it ‘s interesting nonetheless. The image (courtesy of Auto Express) shows the new F20 being longer and taller. What it doesn ‘t show is it ‘s quite a bit wider – even more so than the width of the E46 3 Series.

The exterior design (as seen above courtesy of Autobilde) will take on the new BMW corporate face introduced on the CS concept two years ago. Gone are the flares and shapes that saw the E8X 1er look awkward at times and in their place a more grounded and simplified appearance.

Look for the three and five door hatch back to arrive late in 2011 (as 2012 models) and the coupe and convertible to hit showrooms a year later in late 2012.

Engines will grow in power and sophistication along with the car itself. Here ‘s the list of models and associated engine output as it stands now:

  • 116i 1.6L Turbo 134 HP
  • 118i 1.6L Turbo 154 HP
  • 120i 2.0L Turbo 182 HP
  • 125i 2.0L Turbo 215 HP
  • 130i 2.0L Turbo 249 HP
  • 135i 3.0L Turbo 300 HP

On the diesel front the engines will remain similar to the current range:

  • 116d 2.0L 120 HP
  • 118d 2.0L 148 HP
  • 120d 2.0L 181 HP
  • 123d 2.0L 200 HP

We expect the 1M to continue on with the new body style using the current N54 derived engine pumping out around 340-350 hp.

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  • Drill

    Hmmm, interesting. No NA engine option?

  • Herr26

    To understand the importance of the new 1er which will lead BMW’s response to the growth of the small premium compact that the 1er will launch with the highest amount of innovations for a new BMW it will also bring technology normally found on 5er models and upwards.

    The recession taught one thing that customers are willing to downsize if their cars offer the same features.

    The 1er Sporthatch will launch early next summer prior to it’s official World Premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt , September 2011 and coincide with it’s arrival in the european market.

    The Sporthatch will be available as both a 3dr (F21) and 5dr (F20). The next generation 1er Coupe (F22) will launch late 2012, prior to the 1M and the significant launch of BMW’s electric car programme which is similar to the MINI E programme , in which (E82) 1er Coupe eDrive will be used for the evaluation. The 1er cabrio (F23) will arrive in mid 2013.

    A year after it’s first launch in the European market BMW will launch their first serious competive hatch and resurrect the Tii badge for a Turbocharged 1er sporthatch in both 3dr and 5dr formats. Power output will be at 240PS and the cars will differ from initial M-Sport aerodynamic packets with stand alone aero packets. They will also be limited in color choice.

    To signify the importance of this segment, BMW’s board have approved further designations to increase the 1er platform. The main modular structure of the 1er will also be shared with the new 3er and will allow BMW to build additional models for the 1er and 3er from the same platform. Think of the structure as meccano or lego. Firewalls and suspension mounts can be placed to suit the model whereas the ability to use front wheel drive , rear wheel drive and of course all wheel drive is made easier as is engine placement. MINI will also benefit.

    This strategy will allow BMW to increase it’s profit margins for both the 1er and 3er models.

    Other such ideas conceived include a 1er Gran Turismo variant which looks more like a sleek X6 shaped five door.

    A Compactive Sport Tourer which is like a larger hatch come tourer.

    The Z2 which has been designed @ Designworks is coming along it is a unique interpretation of a BMW Roadster. And BMW Board have also approved a Coupe Z2 because of the potential of these two concepts.

    Other ideas have included a Gran Coupe type four dr. A shooting Brake in both 3dr and 5dr. A Sedan has been dismissed within the European market due to BMW’s large European fleet sales which rely on lower engined 3er Sedans and Tourings.

    The FWD BMW City Car which is planned as a 3dr first , but initial design ideas have also brought a four dr sedan in the size of the E30 as well as a Roadster.

    And the innovative “Y” model a combinationation of “X” meets “Z” which shows that BMW still believe in the ideas seen from the X Coupe.

    And of course this time the next generation 2014 1M Coupe will not be an afterthought.

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  • JonPD

    The non-stop growth of every BMW is intolerable.The 1 series is the only BMW I have ever vaguely had an interest in (except the e86 M). I am sure they will continue to make great cars in the future but it makes me sick that every generation has to be bigger to be better.

  • goat

    The rendering looks good. I especially like the character creases on the hood akin to the e90 LCI and new 5-series. Not happy that every. single. petrol. engine. is turbocharged, but that’s my own peeve… I am sure performance will be strong across the range.

    Also, I’m one of the only people who really likes the styling of the “moon crawler” X6 so a scaled-down version in Sport Package trim will be a great thing to see move at least to the concept stage!

    Gabe/Herr26, any chance Canada will see the F20 hatch, at least in “hot hatch” tii form?

  • goat

    @ JonPD – I’m not thrilled with the growth either. I like (and purchased) the e82 for two key reasons: (1) the size is just right, in particular its narrow width relative to all other current models… I am not keen on the driving experience and interior ambiance of cars when they grow overly wide. (2) you can get the classic smooth and free-revving naturally aspirated 3.0L straight-six in the 128i (and best of all in the 130i).

    Yet I do see some great stuff in this info (and Herr26’s comment)… especially the news of a tii variant… perhaps we’ll get a proper JCW to rival Europe’s hot hatches yet… sure it may be out of parent company BMW rather than MINI, but in so doing it gains RWD, a wonderful bonus / product differentiation compared to other hot hatches (even the AWD ones)!

  • l3ulldozer

    The first thing that comes to mind is …can’t wait for them to bring the s54 M coupe style back!!