BMW 1M Revealed (Updated w/Video)

The 1M is here… sorta. BMW M will be giving us a strip-tease leading up to the Detroit autoshow. And that tease starts today, August 27th at Road America. Originally this was to be the very first place in the world anyone would have seen the car. However confusion over time-zones saw the release of a video on eight hours early.

[nggallery id=33]

So with that unfortunate incidenta few of us floated the idea to BMW that we should have an exclusive shot with the car somewhere other than the banquet at the BMWCCA ‘s Octoberfest. They agreed and give us about 30 seconds with the car in good sunlight. The result is above.

So what else can I say about the car? I saw someone get in it and gently drive it to the spot you see above. Otherwise not much.

The orange looks fabulous in person. Is it Inka Orange that many of us had hoped? No, it ‘s metallic. Is it the best metallic orange I ‘ve ever seen? Possibly. What about the sound? Muted but serious. Akin to the X6M but of course it ‘s hardly possible to tell much at idle or gently throttle.

One other thing. There is one aspect of what you see here that will be subtly changing. I can ‘t say what but if you think hard I ‘m sure a “light will turn on ” in your head.

We ‘ll have more very soon including a full interview with Dr. Kay Segler (head of the M Division).

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  • Barry

    Oh man!!! I haven’t been this excited in FOREVER! I’ve been championing an M version of the 1er since they very beginning. You guys have no idea. 🙂

  • Glad they are subtly changing the headlights… They look a bit dated, especially the lame orange ones we get in the US.

    Like what I’m seeing so far… Thanks guys.

  • Lots of video and a ton more photos coming (including one of a huge differential that may look familiar to M3 owners). Uploading as fast as Wisconsin wifi will let us.

  • JonPD

    Very cool all in all Gabe, a huge thanks for sharing with us 1M mad fans. I am liking what I’ve seen so far, Detroit seems like a long time away though lol.

    Not Inka but looks decent, any orange is always one I have to see in person though as pictures rarely do hold the same feeling.

  • Car looks good- just wish we saw the back first… I want to see those fenders so bad.


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  • Mark

    So Gabe….is that the orange you were hoping for?

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  • Jas

    Looks like MINI 2011 Spice Orange?

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  • JD

    As a carnut myself, I can’t believe all of you are getting sooooooo excited over a few pics and a video of ‘a fender, half a headlight and a quarter of a lower facia’. And they say Trekkies should get a life. Come on people!

  • JonPD

    Getting excited more about what the 1M could be JD. The images are good but I think in many ways this car is a step in a new direction for ///M and thus exciting to see what the future may hold for the entire ///M Division.

  • Fooman

    Guys, honestly this car is already overhyped… A 1 series only saves about 100 pounds over the 3 series when equipped with the same engine. In every test the 1 series has shown to be worse handling then the 3 series, so no expectation that the 1M will handle better then a M3. When you look at price It cannot be more expensive then an M3 so when you look at the price of a 335base and a M3 base, the 1M will slot at about 50k base. You can also pretty much guess its performance, between a 335 and an m3, not leaving alot of room in the power department, so maybe about 350 hp, which tied with the slightly lower weight gives it a o-60 time about 4.7. Your better off with a 335 or used M3.

    This car is not a return to lightweight like the 2002, or the e30. Sorry to burst your bubble but this car is like the x5m… what exactly is the point? A poor mans M3? that will run you over $60k with a few options?

  • JD

    I’m sure it’s going to be great… I guess I just don’t understand the orgasmic response from what we see, but I respect your and everyone else’s opinion JonPD

  • JonPD

    Ditto JD, we need not to have one opinion and each person has something to contribute of value I believe.

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  • james

    figure to spend at least 60k… i just paid cash for a fully loaded 135i with the m package and all the warantys and i paid 52 and some change(well worth the buy i LOVE this f’ing car!!!) so if my calculations are correct i figure $65,000 at least(fully loaded, which is what you get for any m, m is sports luxury and is always fully loaded)

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