Eleanor or Hype? The 1 ///M

Sure I am borrowing the name Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds. In the movie a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500 – is Eleanor,that is what Randall “Memphis ” Raines (Nicolas Cage) has had a hard time getting but wants more than anything.

The 1 ///M is not all that different to Eleanor since many of us enthusiasts want BMW to build a car with more feel and toss-ability, characteristics some feel are unatainable (yours truly excluded)!Like Eleanor, the 1 ///M will have performance and be a rare beast amongst its mass produced brethren, something that will become a collectors dream in decades to come- reminiscent of the more recent MINI GP.

The real concern with this soon to debut ///M product is whether or not it can live up to the substantial hype that has been generated. There has not been such an anticipated product from BMW ‘s performance arm it recent memory. It is being hyped as a complete package rather than a car with a great new motor; what was the last ///M product that was not based on an all new exclusive motor? (Hint: It came before the E46)

In some enthusiasts minds if this 1er even partially misses and does not live up to the hype the damage may be hard to overcome (your reader emails have stated this regularly) as this car is said to bring the brand back to its roots.

We ‘ll soon have a better understanding of what this new car really is and how it truly differentiates itself from the E46 ///M3 in some circles it is being compared to.

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  • JonPD

    Good article Michael, I am one of those that has so much hope for ///M to return to its roots. I do worry if I am blowing up my hopes and dreams into a unattainable 1M.

    I would love to see it end up being somewhere between a E46 M and a MINI GP.

  • Feverishly awaiting the unveil… I really hope we’re not in for heartbreak here, but it’s happened before. I have faith in ///M and Dr Kay thoguh to deliver on his promise that “You will love it, you will have goose-pimples, you will not leave the car or give the keys to anyone…”

    A: Was it the M535i? Just a guess…

  • 1Mc

    If it’s weighing around 1300kgs and has around 350hp it will do everything it needs to for anyone who’s realistic.

    I’m just glad that the people who work at M realise that sticking a heavy lump in the front of a small car isn’t what real BMW M fans want. We don’t need massive hp, we need handling and feel.

    We also want to be able to drive the thing every day without looking like an absolute nut.

    The one thing I think will win hearts on this car is the sound of the engine. We all (think we) know what this engine is going to be – and we also know that it shouldn’t really sound that great. But if M can somehow engineer it so that it revs to excite you – then they will win us all over, even the naysayers.

    I fear that might be too much to ask though, and 1M Coupes without an aftermarket exhaust job will be a rare thing to find in years from now.

  • CCBiggs

    What is the estimated retail price? Over $50k?

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