F10 M5 & F12 M6 to be Auto Only

In our recent interview with Dr. Kay Segler we asked about manual transmissions and their future in M cars. Obviously with the 1M it ‘s pretty safe (considering it ‘s the only option). But Dr. Segler said something else that caught our ear. When talking about the choice he made special mention of small cars being different. Here ‘s the specific quote:

For small cars the tendency of it (the manual transmission) is to stay (be available) longer. I remember when we had a manual 7 Series. Now it is no longer.

The point was made even more clear by Martin Birkmann (Head of BMWNA Product Planning and Strategy/BMW Motorsport Manager) when he said they (meaning BMW NA) want to be a defender but only if there is a cause.

Now combine this that we ‘ve been hearing off the record for quite some time that the 1M and the M3 would be the only manual transmission M products in the near future and it ‘s a pretty open and shut case.

In our minds this is the nail in the coffin for the manual transmission in the M5 and M6. With manual take rates low and the new DCT dramatically better than the out-going SMG it would seem like a no brainer for BMW.

Photo courtesy of 5post

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  • Jonathan

    Beating a dead horse already with all these question mark articles. Who cares…based on the interview I just listened to, you can’t deduct that he actually meant DCT only for these new Ms.

    Stop the speculations guys and focus on simply reporting facts.

  • Adam

    Sorry to say so but maybe this is for the best. Today’s performance cars including the M cars are just so advanced and so quick that the human element would slow them down. Someone at Ferrari once said that the weakest link in any of there cars is the driver and a manual gearbox would, even in the hands of a talented driver slow the car down. Perhapps this threshold is starting to be crossed by the larger M models. Let’s not forget the last manual M5 (E39) wasn’t nearly as fast or as powerful as the new F10 will be.

    I think these are the dog days of summer for manual gearboxes, I hate to admit.

  • I also want to point out that we have heard from these and other sources, off the record, that there will be no manual offered outside the 1 and 3 from ///M moving forward.

  • Evan

    The outgoing E60 M5 was availble in the USA with a manual transmission.

    I enjoy the involvement of a manual car. The DCTs are ultimately faster and seem good in a larger car. But there’s nothing like a small, tossable car with full manual control.

    I think the message from Der Segler is pretty clear.

  • dasboost

    Disappointment. DCT=more complicated. More part to break down. Sure its faster but manual is definitely more fun. Guess I am the minority.

  • woohoo

    All for the best. I agree, the only room for error is human. One more variable removed.

    And the lesser baby m-cars are for the “real” enthusiasts”.

  • Bimmer1

    Faster is not the point. I want a real true driving expierence, meaning I want to shift the gears myself. An M car without a manual is useless and boring to me.

  • Merlot

    It’s only useless and boring because you allow it to be. Allowing a pedal and a stick to determine whether you can have fun or not is a little silly. It is a state of mind.

    I was exceedingly leery of my E46 M3 ZCP w/SMG when I was looking at it. Then I drove it. I never had anything “auto” before. I have more fun with this car than with any other I’ve ever had and the transmission is a key part of it.

  • Bimmer1

    I didn’t mean that I couldn’t have fun in a SMG/DCT car. I just get bored with them, and therefore can’t own one. That’s not a negative statement about the car. Just my personal needs in a car. I love the brand, but will either revert to buying old BMW M cars or make the jump to Porsche if they stop building manuals.

  • Joe

    If this truth Porsche Panamera here I come … its manual and its awesome. I would consider an ///M3 but for me size and comforts like heated steering wheel are important (not in the ///M3). I am still waiting for the official release.

  • Greer M5

    The King is dead, long live the King! I can’t wait to own the new M5. I have an E39 M5 and will hold onto it and buy the new one and have the best of both worlds.