BMW 1M: Manual vs DCT (Poll)


Over a week ago we broke the news that the 1M will only be available with a manual transmission. Since that time BF and online forums have been debating what that means for the car and sales. We feel confident it ‘s a good move given the nature of the car, the way it ‘ll be marketed and the amount of production. But we want to hear from you. Given BMW ‘s limited development time, which transmission would you prefer to see in the 1M?

If BMW had to choose one transmission for the 1M, which would you prefer to see?

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  • bthayer23

    Wait, will it have a manual transmission or won’t it?

    From “Opinion: The 1M Everything We Need & Nothing We Don’t”: “Being offered only with a manual transmission means the 1M is only as good as you are.”

    From “BMW 1M: Manual vs DCT (Poll)”: “Over a week ago we broke the news that the 1M will not be available with a manual transmission.”

    Very confused here.

    • It will only come in a manual. The poll is to see what the public would choose if the choice was available.

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  • daniel

    im actually very disappointed there wont be a DCT, i think there is something behind bmw not offering DCT in the 1M and that is that they are worried it will be faster than the M3. whats wrong with offering a dct option ?? i hate this arguement, let the numbers do the talking.. i think its a safe bet that as a 2900 option people settle for the 6 speed manual, but if it were a no cost option, more people would get the dct. even as a 2900 option, the 1m would probably be ordered by at least 50% of the buyers now they will keep guys like me away, not that i dont like manual, just in nyc, its a pain in the ass in traffic.

    im sure all 2700 1m’s for sale will be sold, this will be a blast to drive.