BMW to Remain in the WTCC For 2011

There has been some speculation that BMW was going to withdraw from the World Touring Car Championship with its re-introduction into the DTM. However this Autosport report that BMW is readying a new generation of engines for teams running BMW indicates otherwise. That means that, at least, we ‘ll see BMW power private teams in the WTCC for 2011. In fact with 2011 the start of the new engine specifications we ‘d be shocked to see BMW develop the new engine for 2011 (where the bulk of the money is spent) and not simply support the teams in 2012 and beyond when they enter DTM.

Now the question of BMW staying in WTCC as a factory team is a different story and one that cannot be answered at this time.

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  • Bimmer1

    I’m not so sure I agree with your “the bulk of the money is spent on the engine” statement. It cost quite a bit of money to support a race team on any given weekend (really thursday-sun at a min). Transport, food, facilites, lodging, etc., all add up to a ton of money. Some teams travel with upwards of 100 people on the payroll for the event! Plus, once the R&D is done the major expenses are behind you and all you have to do is build a few engines. And it’s not like we’re talking F1 engines here. Comparatively WTCC engines are very cheap to design and build compared to dedicated race engines. Mostly because the WTCC engines are all production based engines built to race, instead of a race engine adapted for the street. Think S50/52 derived from the plain jane M50) vs. the S85 derived from 90’s F1 technology detuned for the street.

    I’m sure DTM will be their main concentration though, as the importance and history there is huge when compared to WTCC. BMW can not lose to Audi and Benz at their own game in DTM. They praise the early 90’s as the glory days when the e30’s ruled the world. They certainly have their work cut out for them with their DTM efforts. Benz and Audi have lots of practice, and BMW has been sitting on the sidelines for a long time.

  • Agree but I’m assuming they won’t be supporting private teams at that level.

  • At least they are still in it!