BimmerCast #30: 1M Dissected (Plus All the Details We Couldn\’t Tell You)


Yes this is the 1M show that many of you have been waiting for. Todd (from Whiteroofradio) joins Michael and I as we dissect the 1M and compare it to the surprisingly similar (in more ways than one) MINI JCW GP. But more importantly we talk about many of the aspect of the car we can ‘t officially confirm in writing. It ‘s a show full of 1M info so if you ‘re interested in the car (or even just BMW ‘s M Division) you will not want to miss this one.

We also take a few minutes to hit the topic of the M5 and M6 going DCT only and the M Division ‘s manual vs DCT strategy in the years ahead. Yet another brewing debate.


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  • Dylan

    Great show guys, such a treat to listen to. I’m one of these so-called younger guys who has falled in love with the E30 M3, and I’m really hoping the 1M evokes the same emotion. For me, the E30 M3 is special in that it’s difficult to imagine anyone owning it and appreciating it unless you were a true enthusiast and lover of fast cars. The same cannot be said of the modern M3s. They’re great cars, I’d love to own one, but they’re also so much wider in their appeal that, for me, there’s just not as special.

    As an aside, after a long search I’ve basically given up on finding the perfect E30 M3, so on Sunday I’m picking up a stunning E30 325i M Sport that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Hopefully it will tie me over until the 1M which I cant wait to finally see and drive next year.

    Keep up the great work and the awesome podcasts 🙂

  • Robert1

    Hahaaahaa – you guys and your slow ‘low voice’ talking.. lol. Reminds me of a late night soft rock station. 😛

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Micah

    Excellent show. Hoping the 1M will be available in Blue (non-metallic please) as speculated.

    Also, I will be soon selling my GP w/ 25K miles to fund the 1M if you want another one Todd, or know someone who might.

  • 1Mc

    Cheers for the podcast today, very enjoyable!

  • Bob

    Hey, thanks for the info, Gabe. One nitpicky thing, though: Jerez (as in Jerez Black Metallic) is pronounced with a silent J, like Jose. If you want to get really Spanish (Jerez de la Frontera is a Spanish city with a famous racetrackthat gives the color its name) you can lisp the “z” as well. Pronounciation is something like this: “ha-reth.”

    Just sayin’, 🙂

  • Hahaaahaa – you guys and your slow ‘low voice’ talking.. lol. Reminds me of a late night soft rock station.

    Sorry – I was just getting over a really bad cold when we recorded this 🙂

    One nitpicky thing, though: Jerez (as in Jerez Black Metallic) is pronounced with a silent J, like Jose.

    You’d think four years of Spanish would have helped me.

  • Gabe – thanks for feeling up the 1M… did you knock on the roof?

  • JonPD

    One thing that still is bugging me about the 1M being all about the feel of the car. Guess that point would be I think the E92 has pretty respectable feel to it. I know it can be improved on but still in many ways the 1M feels like a de-tuned M3. I still am excited to see it and determine if I should still pick one up. Going to be some long months waiting for the full details.

    Great show guys

  • Joel

    Great show. The more I hear about the 1M the more I want one. Instead of having two GP’s, I think I’ll keep my GP and add the 1M. Should be a great combination. The wife refuses to drive a manual so I’m hoping that’s the only transmission offered.

    With all your comparisons to the GP, have you heard anything about a special event for delivery of the first 1M’s like they had for the GP?

    Also Gabe, I’m curious to hear what else you are considering aside from a 1M or an M3. Are you considering the MINI Coupe? It doesn’t sound like it will compare to this car from a performance or ‘feel’ standpoint.

  • Dylan
    The wife refuses to drive a manual so I’m hoping that’s the only transmission offered.

    Best comment ever.

  • chas58

    You are going to put this on iTunes, right? I don’t see anything after episode #29.

  • Joel

    Just to clarify, the wife is more than welcome to drive the 1M. I just prefer not to have a discussion about which transmission to get. Thank you BMW.

  • 1Mc

    Good question above – what would people be left to consider if the 1M does fail to deliver (not that I think it will).

  • JonPD

    For me personally its down to a 996 Porsche or a E86 M

  • AC

    Guys…please turn up the volume a bit on your podcasts, I know I’ve been running around all summer with straight pipes on the MCoupe but still… I have to crank it to 11 and still stain to hear.. 🙂

  • We’re not sure what happened to the sound levels with this show. We are working on it and appreciate your patience.


  • AC

    And by “stain” I meant “strain”… 🙂

  • Joel


    It’s not just this episode. I hear two consistent problems. It sounds like the microphones that you and Gabe use are not the same quality and/or have very different sonic qualities. This means it I find myself having to make a mental adjustment every time the voice changes. The second problem for me is that the volume of Gabes voice varies considerably during the podcast and even during one sentence. I get the feeling he is moving around as he talks. Again it takes some mental adjustments which make it difficult to listen to the Bimmercast. It’s good for you that the content keeps me coming back.

    I have not had the same problems listening to WRR. Maybe you should get some advice from db and Todd.

    • Joel- Thanks for the input, we are working out the kinks and would love to invest in some higher end equipment as time goes on. WRR has been around for sometime and has a higher budget to operate with, we will make the best we can with what we have- as we both have quality stuff that is not identical and this has different properties, we are also not in sound deadened rooms. If anyone has equipment they would like to donate, or setup a sponsorship just let us know!

  • RJ

    Good show….but wondering about all the Audi bashing. I’ve owned two from new, and completely disagree with your perspective…but it’s your show, and you certainly have the right to voice your views.

    You guys read the latest AutoWeek? The tagline line is ‘Unabashed Love’ for their Audi S4 long-termer…..or are the AutoWeek guys on the Audi payola like the C&D guys?

    • I have had 3 Audis in the garage over the years and there is a distinct difference in core build quality- the parts regular people don’t care about vs. a BMW. Put them in a lift side by side and you will see why we say Audi is junk, sure they do enough to get by and as the years have moved on they improve in some areas but in the end they still look at cheapening things you can’t see.

      As for magazines on the take, I personally think the S4 is a fine car and worth considering compared to the 335i BUT there is no way anyone can tell me the A6 is better than the 5. That is just comical and just ridiculous.

      While some people may disagree with my opinions, think I am too harsh- I am brutally honest thanks to my parents. Sometimes the truth hurts but sugar coating and BS hurts more in the long run.

  • Henery W.

    The stance reminds me of a E46 M3. I like it.

  • JonPD

    I see multiple sites are now reporting on a production run of 2,700 units and identified the only three colors as Valencia Orange, Alpine White, and Jet Black.

  • Yeah – nice to see them credit BimmerFile since we dropped the info weeks ago. Oh wait they didn’t.

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  • JonPD

    That true Gabe. Just glad to see the info being on other sites too, as it helps having multiple people dealing with the same info to stop as much speculation. I think many of the sites should start reading Bimmerfile.

  • Micah

    If this is indeed true, bummer about only 1 real color & no non-metallic. I am so sick of white, black, & grey derivatives as the dominant “color” choice for performance car manufacturers, & was hoping BMW would break this lame trend with the 1M.

    Also, with such limited allocation I am also concerned about dealers charging a premium above MSRP.

  • JonPD

    I actually think the three colors are great personally. To my eye the Valencia Orange is going to look great in person though I am a huge Alpine White fan.

  • This seems like low-hanging fruit to me. It’s a limited run car and one that is rushed to market for a niche consumer group of die-hards. Why not offer it in smurf blue, neon orange, and sports-drink green? Hell, why not? They’ve taken away all the other cool features we were excited about. Why not at least offer exciting special colors? I’m gonna just come out and say it – Valencia sucks. If they price this right and surprise me with some special engine treatments, I’ll just go for Alpine White. It’s a nice color, but nothing special.

    Dr. Kay – go talk to Wiedeking, or Winterkorn I guess, about the 911 GT3 RS colors… How many of those do you think they sell in a year?

  • Micah

    Super exciting, white (bread?)…the single most popular car color choice for American auto consumers. Makes a lot of sense for BMW’s limited production 1M with which they want to create attention & buzz while signaling the revitalization of the M brand.

  • JonPD

    Still so much better than the current laughable condition of the jcw MINI brand that will only be separated from the rest of the fleet by a red roof and badges.

    I for one don’t care if the color is the same while the body is obviously so different from the stock offerings. Anybody that needs a unique color to detect this isn’t a stock 1 Series is likely blind or ignorant and thus the wildest color in the world likely would not make them aware they are looking at something different.

  • Micah

    Respect your opinion Jon, but am not buying the “wolf in sheep’s color” argument, and do not like the M division/Dr Segler’s decision to only offer the 1M in only one real color.

    Toyota/Lexus is even offering the new IS in more exciting colors than the 1M…take a look at their new drum commercial for example. IMO that blue would look great on the 1M, but BMW decides on white & black instead – talk about generic. Like I said before, white/grey/black have been the dominant “color” for so long, why can’t BMW differentiate the 1M color choices from every other luxury sedan & SUV offered by Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Hyundai, Lincoln, Mercedes, Porsche? Especially in such a limited production car that will sell no matter what the color per Primo135’s comments above?

  • JonPD

    I do hear where you are coming from Micah, look at that bulging body and I think this car is going to stand out just as much as the E30 M does over the standard E30 3 series. At least to me.

  • Micah

    Agreed, & ultimately color is not a deal breaker for me, just wish there were different choices. What really matters is how it drives? Can’t wait to read some independent reviews from the likes of Evo magazine, in addition to (hopefully) test driving one myself.

  • Stacy

    PLEASE Laguna Seca Blue or Imola Red. While Color is not a deal breaker, I don’t like orange and white and black = blah

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