Build Your Own Z4 GT3

Maybe the title is a bit misleading but in reality if you have $400,000 and some time on your hands you could build the fixed roof race car from what is basically one giant Erector Set.BMW supplies you with a complete knock-down kit, all the parts in a lot of boxes and then you and your team have at it. You would think for that kind of money the car would be turn key; allowing the 480 hp V8 to rev freely and you able to shift through the 6 speed sequential manual when the car is dropped off at your shop, but that is not the case.

Team West Coast Racing (from Switzerland NOT California) recently received their boxes more than likely via DHL and spent a total of 600 hours putting the car together. Luckily for us they kept the camera rolling and we have a time lapse video to gawk at.

Thanks for tip Chris!

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  • JonPD

    Still hands down the Z4 GT3 is one of the most beautiful BMW ever to my eye. The wide body alone is jaw droopingly great, really had wished that they would have released a homage road version.