BMW 1M Round-up: All the News, Scoops & Opinion

A few of you may have noticed that BimmerFile has been a center-point of all things 1M lately. From the first real-life images of the 1M to the production details (manual only, no carbon fiber, limited production etc) we ‘ve given you tons of info over the last few weeks. However since things have been happening a feverish pace over the past few weeks we wanted to catch-up some of you who may have missed some (if not all) of our coverage. So with that said, here ‘s the entire list of 1M articles, interviews and opinion pieces stemming from the official reveal at OktoberFest in late August (in reverse chronological order). And remember you can always browse BF by clicking on the “Browse by Category ” link on the top left.

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  • Tim

    I’ve been a bimmerfile fan but man does this post smack of an obnoxious self congratulatory and self-important attitude!

  • Drill

    What I’m wondering is… will the limited production keep the 1M out of the Military Sales program? (I hope not)

  • JonPD

    Glad to see this info collected into one spot, a large number of sites seem to be very slow on the uptake of whats been revealed by Bimmerfile.

  • Khalid

    @Tim, was just about to say the same.

    “center-point of all things 1M” yeah, you and other tons of blogs and forums.

    @Jon, others have done the same, but they kept it on the down-low.

  • Not sure who has kept things on the downlow, as a lot of stuff originated here, forums denounced it then when someone else backs it they seem to be the source. I could careless about who said what when, and all that crap- it is just annoying that people troll and then rake info as their own or worse yet bash us then weeks later the info was right and some other blog takes the credit. Not to say that some forums don’t give us credit (Some of our friends at Bimmerpost have been great) others need to be poliely reminded about common courtesy. We are sitting on info right now for that very reason and would like to break it across a variety of places originating here

  • JonPD

    Would love to be a fly on the wall at Bimmerfile right now to greedily suck down all the available info on the 1M lol. Keep up the good work Gabe and Michael.

  • Jon

    I don’t feel that you have any reason to defend yourselves, Michael and Gabe. Facts are facts, and the fact is, this web site has offered the most 1M information from day one, of any web site, period. The fact that you did a re-post or greatest hits post of all the stories isn’t a big deal, and is in fact, rather courteous of you. This is the most important car for BMW in the past few years, (for us row-your-own-gears, lighter-is-better, get-back-to-basics fans).

    I’m happy you’re covering the 1M so thoroughly, because it is the BMW that I am most interested in.

    Besides, it’s your web site. You can do with it what you wish. If Tim and Khalid don’t like it, they can go somewhere else for their BWM news…

  • Besides, it’s your web site. You can do with it what you wish. If Tim and Khalid don’t like it, they can go somewhere else for their BWM news…

    Thanks for the support Jon. First off everyone’s opinions are heard here and they’re all welcome so I have no hard feelings either way (ever).

    As you know (if you listen to the BimmerCast) Michael is a little more outspoken when it comes to sticking up for the site and the content and I like to let readers express themselves and just watch the battle ensue. I guess running MotoringFile has taught me that. But we’ll continue to hone the site and the content. We’re never going to be the site that puts up 5 fluff pieces a day just to create content. I hope that everything you see here will either at the very least interesting and always enthusiast oriented. And that last bit is why the 1M will continue to be a big part of this site’s news over the next year.

    So if you want daily X3 news, you might have to go somewhere else. We’ll keep digging into the things we (and hopefully) you love) while reporting on BMW as a whole.