Bang & Olufsen + BMW = Sweet Sounds

Bang & Olufsen has entered into a partnership with BMW which begins with the BMW 6 Series Coupe ‘.

While for the most part we love listening to the sweet music of the engine and exhaust, there are times we love to just take in some sweet sounding tunes. BMW of late has not offered even close to one of the best sounding car audio systems on the market; making our classic rock or electronica sounding flat.

BMW has worked with several manufacturers over the past few years in an attempt to build better car audio systems, none of which has developed a system that has been up to par for audiophiles. The BMW Individual audio system or “premium sound ” offered in several models (including the ///M3) has left listeners wanting more and if Bang & Olufsen ‘s history with other brands is any indication of what they have in store for future BMWs, picky listeners will finally get what they have been asking for.

Bang and Olufsen speakers, and components are some of the highest quality on the market. The brand ‘s speakers sound fantastic and they usually look just as great.

This is a match of two brands that believe that luxury, quality and performance are to be built in every product; we see this partnership as a step in the right direction for BMW ‘s premium sound systems.

This could finally bring music to some peoples ears that is worthy of being in a BMW.

Official Bang & Olufsen release:

BMW Concept 6 Series Coupé

The Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System featured in the BMW 6 Series concept car was developed under a veil of secrecy at the Bang & Olufsen research facility in Struer, Denmark. Over many months of intensive research and development, the sound system began to take shape. The result is a sound system that seamlessly integrates the clean Danish design of Bang & Olufsen with BMW ‘s dynamic three-dimensional style and the flowing, sporty interior lines of the BMW 6 Series concept car.

The sound system features several unique design elements, such as the hand-crafted Acoustic Lens positioned in the centre of the instrument panel, which, when activated, opens up to reveal the lens inside. A well-known and highly-acclaimed Bang & Olufsen car and home audio technology, Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) is featured in numerous Bang & Olufsen products, including the top-of-the-range BeoLab 5 loudspeakers. ALT maximises the area of optimum sound in front of the loudspeaker, providing an improved sense of space and realism compared to the focused beam of sound produced by traditional baffle-designed loudspeakers.

The solid aluminium grilles covering the 16 high-performance loudspeakers also complement the design of the interior space while creating a sense of uniqueness. Finished in a stylish anodised ‘Perl Glanz ‘ colour with laser-engraved Bang & Olufsen logo, the grilles appear to float above the interior surface, accentuating the dynamic and sporty feel. The hole patterns of each grille were meticulously drilled, so no matter which angle you look from, the holes are perfectly aligned, a design feature unique to the Bang & Olufsen car sound system portfolio.

The layout of the 16 fully active loudspeakers, with a subwoofer positioned under each front seat, seven mid-range loudspeakers and seven tweeters, creates a highly balanced listening experience that will envelop the driver and passengers in a crystal-clear sound stage.

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  • Babak

    Fantastic! Always wished BMW would follow Audi in this direct. Glad they’ve finally picked B&O, and I hope they deliver this across the range.

  • goat

    Very good news for future bimmers… Current base and logic7 upgrades (e8x, e9x cars) sound fairly terrible and require mucho fiddling with EQ to get “acceptable” sound, no need to mince words…

  • StephenMCS

    So when is B&O doing MINI?

    Seriously it is a rather long list of auto manufacturers that now supply B&O. Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes…

    • And how does MINI fit in with that group of brands? B&O is only in high end cars within the luxury brands or as an option package that costs a ton of money. I can’t see it making any sense to offer a $3500 radio option in a $20k car, and that is without Nav.

      They more than likely will offer B&O in the 6er only initially then the 7 and finally the 5.

      Not even sure it makes sense in the 3 if the packaging costs too much but we shall see what the plan is soon enough.

  • goat

    If the A4 offers B&O, and it comes with a 2.0T I-4, trust me the 3-series can safely offer B&O without appearing to be an upstart. 🙂 Speaking of the A4, the B&O sounds fantastic in the A4 S-line car. It has a clarity and sense of spatial separation that the current base/logic7 HK systems are entirely lacking.

    • The A4 requires the Premium Plus package 3500 and an additional 850 for the B&O. I do not doubt the next gen 3 will have this as an option in the 335 (or whatever the higher model is) but can’t see it in a MINI but that is just me and my opinion- I’m sure Gabe has his own ideas on that.

      They will have to reverse engineer the systems for already launched models but with F30 they can build from the ground up so that system will rock, unite literally.