The Shark is Back: 6 Series Concept Analyzed & Compared to the E63

The upcoming 6 Series is a departure from the previous generation in one way, it ‘s instantly likable. Where the E63 could be challenging at some angles and disarming at others, the concept has been almost universally liked from the start. It ‘s easy to see why. The lines, the shapes and the form is all aggressive while having a touch of sophistication. Yet the difference between the generations isn ‘t has dramatic when you get the two side by side.

The general shape and form is the same. The details are where the new concept succeeds over the E63. The latter took on the convex shapes of the 7 Series which seemed at odds with the sporting nature of a coupe layout. To put it bluntly the car says Florida retiree where the 6er concept shouts elegance and aggressiveness.

The 6 Series Concept features much more taut lines that add to the tension and dynamic feel – especially in the front. With a higher belt-line and nose the new car also harkens back to the E24 6 Series in overall shape. While defined by pedestrian impact regulations the shape does help create an attitude of aggression that the E63 lacked.

The side features a defined line angling from the top of the front wheel down to the side valance. It ‘s the kind of line usually seen on a front wheel drive car meant to define the power source. Here it seems to serve the purpose of doing the opposite by setting the stage for the subtly bulging rear flank.

Around back the rear has lost the highly criticized bustle trunk designed by Adrian Van Hooydonk on both the last 6 and 7. Instead more taut and flowing lines creating athleticism and aggressive qualities.

Inside the car is dramatically made over by not reinvented. If you ‘re used to the E63 the overall layout likely will feel familiar. Yet the details are extraordinarily better (not to mention the materials in this concept car). It all adds up to the best executed coupe interior of any modern BMW.

The 6 Series concept will be an unquestionable success from a design perspective when it ‘s released next year. People will hail it has a dramatic improvement over the previous 6er. Yet has you can see in these pictures, the difference is more evolutionary than revolutionary. The work done by Van Hooydonk and overseen by Bangle clearly has set the state for this new state in BMW ‘s design language. It laid the ground work for a more conservative yet impossibly handsome line-up that will surely sell better than it ‘s predecessors.

And we think you ‘ll actually enjoy seeing this one on the road next to you.

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  • lava

    Well I’ve looked at them more than twice, and while I certainly don’t love the old one, I don’t like the new one much better.

    The lower grill on the front is just awful. BMW has a signature grill, and there should not be all that going on down there distracting from it. The old one is much better in this area – it needs to just be voids down there – not a grill with so much texture.

    The busy wheels on the new one are also a bad distraction. I know this is a show car and has larger diameter wheels, but the design is too much show. The simpler 5 spoke wheels are better.

    Not crazy about the windshield wrapping up on to the roof. Seems there has been some obsession with this lately, but it just does not add anything. In fact the elimination of that line between the glass and the roof leaves something missing.

    The soft corners and the trunk on the old one were just terrible, but the new one has not exactly hit a home run here – that fussiness at the bottom of the rear fascia involving the exhaust is not nice. I much prefer round tail pipes.

    The old interior was pretty plain jane, but it also feels much more like a BMW than the new one.

    Sorry, just had to get that all off my chest.

  • chas58

    Wow – similar shape but what a change. For the old car, the rear really shows off the bad side of the bangle butt (or is it really a Hooydonk butt?). And the front? Those droopy eyes, and even a chrome moustache. Ouch. The ’70s never looked so bad, but BMW was building them up until a few months ago. At least with the new one, I won’t be cringing to see the Roundel on the back of the car.

  • lava

    I’d love to see the next previous 6 series added to the comparison images.

  • Bob

    The current car always looked “bloated” to me. The new concept 6 looks just right!