Classic Heroes Tests the BMW E30 M3 (Video)

Our friends at are the kind of people you ‘d love to know. They are BMW specialists in the UK and have access to an enormous amount of rare and important BMWs. In short they restore and sell pristine examples of the cars we all love. But the best part? They hate seeing them sit still.

Because of that they ‘ve started a series and asked us if we ‘d be so kind to share them with our readers. We can ‘t think of a better idea.

So with that said here ‘s the first in the series; the legendary BMW E30 M3. Enjoy.

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  • JonPD

    Very enjoyable, thanks for posting it Gabe

  • FrenchBoy

    Cool indeed.

    Except, I didn’t realize the E30 M3 did not come with a seat belt…

  • Dylan

    Great video 🙂

  • Brian


  • goat

    I found the invisible seatbelt freaky distracting too.