Automotive News: BMW\’s FWD 1 Series Coming to the US

Automotive News is reporting that BMW ‘s front wheel drive 1 Series will be coming to the US. Here ‘s an excerpt:

“It will be a relatively big segment because we have several body styles,” Ian Robertson, BMW AG ‘s board member for sales and marketing, said in an interview today at the Paris auto show.

He didn ‘t disclose what body styles BMW is developing but confirmed the vehicles will have a four-cylinder engine in the United States at launch. The new family of small cars is expected to be introduced in the next few years – before the launch of BMW ‘s megacity electric car due 2013, he said.

The new FWD model or models will come in at least 3 body styles and will be introduced before 2013. BMW says the new sub-compact range will have an initial global yearly volume of 100,000 units. When questioned about the idea of a front wheel drive BMW, Robertson responded: “No one has said to me the Mini isn ‘t great to drive.”


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  • Chris Brake

    Automotive News/Autoweek is saying the FWD “UKL” small BMW’s will in fact make their way to the U.S. What do you guys know on about this on your end?

  • Les

    I can understand that most BMW enthusiasts would abject to a FWD BMW, but just because BMW makes a car built off the MINI platform doesn’t mean that they are going to make everyone drive them. I’m sure they will keep to their roots with RWD cars, but they need to expand their market and keep their price low, while making incredible cars. I see this as a good thing.

  • Nick

    If BMW starts to sell FWD cars they are just begging to be compared to the likes of Acura and VW now….why would I be interested in purchasing a BMW if I can get the same driving experience in a car that has the same quality but costs much less?

    You simply can’t get the driving dynamics of a RWD car in a FWD drive no matter how you slice it. Even some of the best handling FWD still suffer from torque-steer at certain points and never have that completely “neutral” driving feel that a traditional RWD can offer.

    I feel that BMW is making a huge mistake, I understand the need for them to increase the market exposure but I don’t really see the allure of having a FWD BMW, how they can differentiate their product for the other myriad luxury brands that offer FWD models?

  • Chris Brake


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  • Chris Brake
  • CCBiggs

    I sure hope BMW re-thinks this obvious mistake. Why water down the brand? It is suicide.

  • I just love my 2010 135i convertable. Fun to drive, gets me lots of attention, and nothing like driving in So Cal with the top down!

  • Woo Hoo

    Lol, the 1er will get FWD?! Niiice not it will be even worse than it already is. Now it the performance will be like any other compact car, literally.