Live From Petit Le Mans

(latest updates at the top)

  • Check that BMW Takes it Ferrari ran out of FUel! – BMW WINS it all!!!!
  • Ferrari takes championship
  • Checkered flag. BMW 4th
  • White flag next lap
  • Quick splash of fuel – we news 3rd
  • Driver change on the #90
  • The #92 out-brakes the Porsche and moves back into 5th.
  • The #92 drops from 5th to 6th due to cold tires. Porsche

  • 3rd Place M3 comes in and takes tires & fuel.
  • BMW will win championship if they finish at least in 3rd and finish ahead of the Porsches (the highest placed Porsche is currently in 6th while the #92 M3 is 3rd).
  • Looks like Dirk will be double stinting (in goes a new water bottle).
  • Should be 2 stops for each car left in the race.
  • The #90 is in lowly 13th but driving hard. Mueller is going to and make a driver change.
  • The #92 is now in 2nd and being piloted by Tommy Milner.

  • The #92 is back up to 6th and only 20 seconds down from the GT2 leader
  • 90 is back out and running 37 laps down.
  • Driver change coming for 92- Dirk Werner taking over.
  • Joey will need to drive the car back to the pitbox turn it off, start it again and then race
  • 90 just fired back up- assembly commences
  • 92 with a wheel issue that will wait until next pit stop. Tires are weak to say the least.
  • 90 behind the wall at the paddock- more than starter motor, possible transmission. Crew working feverishly to diagnose and fix.
  • The #92 is currently mired in 10th place with the #90 in 14th. However with 10 hours to go anything can happen.

It starts at 11:00am and continues on for 1,000 miles or 10 hours and we ‘ll be covering it from head to toe.Check this post throughout the day for the latest news and updates from the pits.

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  • 03beastcharmer

    Good race, too bad about the 90’s issues. Would have liked to get the team championship without Ferrari running out of gas.

  • If the Ferrari had come in for fuel they would have still lost.

  • 03beastcharmer

    They did come in for gas, they just didn’t put enough in the car during the splash & go.