BMW E8X 1 Series Coupe and Convertible to Receive 2011 Facelift

We ‘ve alluded to it for well over a month with our 1M articles but now that the cat is out of the bag, we can finally tell you what we know about the E82 and E83 LCI. Since the Coupe and Converible technically were released before the original LCI of the 1 Series they never got the standard nip and tuck that all BMW receive later in life. The 1er LCI is happening and it will debut around the 1st of the year, 2011.

To debut with the 1M at the Detroit Motor Show this mild update will feature new front and rear LED DRL lights (similar to the 3er) to bring the car more in line with the rest of the current BMW lineup. Another update will be on the inside with an improved gauge cluster.

It ‘s not as dramatic as some had hoped but the changes will be very welcome.

The full 1 Series redesign (the F20) will debut in late 2012 as a 2013 model in the three and five door hatch. Following that the coupe and convertible will debut 12 and 18 months later in 2014.

The photo above comes from a pre-production ActiveE testing around Munich and are courtesy of Bimmerpost.

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  • bmw

    Lame. Please redesign the whole thing…the 1 series is now the E83 x3 of BMW…so out of place! It’s very awkward that an e46 actually looks 10 times better than this car…

  • Herr26

    The 1er Sporthatch received it’s “Life Cycle Impulse” in March 2007 because it was an older car. The 1er Coupe was introduced in July 2007 with the cabrio coming in October 2007. The timing is right for the LCi Coupe and Cabrio which will also bring the Active E production test car, as well as the 1M Coupe.

    The World Premiere of the LCI Coupe and Cabrio will appear at the NAIAS in Detroit this January , alongside the Active E and the 1M Coupe. The next LCI for BMW is the X6 Sport Activity Vehicle. But a concept car for a little brother to the X6 is being prepared to be shown early next year.

  • Catalin

    I can’t believe they kept this butt ugly design for so long…The crying face of the 1-series has 7-8 years now…shame on BMW !

  • goat

    The e8x is a challenging design… and certainly not a conventionally “good looking” car, no doubt about it. 🙂 But it shouldn’t need a lot to make it look more in line with the larger e90, which post-LCI looks very good. The headlight tweak will do wonders and if the speedo/tach cluster is upgraded too that’s a bonus.

  • goat

    Photos of the headlight change are as close as photos of the EfficientDynamics 1 Concept… or here:

  • SMP

    The styling of the 1-series went stale relatively quickly. I doubt a facelift will help much. What concerns me more is the direction of the latest BMW designs. The new front ends of the 5, 6, and 7 series look very bland, and the M-Sport tweaks don’t help much either.

  • Nick

    Give us a redesign and front-wheel drive please!!!!

  • I blame the internet. Uh… in all seriousness I just want to be fast-forwarded to Detroit. This car will be the purest form of M when it launches.

  • Woo Hoo

    Put this POS to bed…. it’s an embarassment to the brand and product line…Pfffff, and affordable option for those that can’t afford a ‘real’ BMW.

  • goat

    @WooHoo – dude seriously get over yourself… So you decree that only plutocrats should drive bimmers? Have you been to EU? Try a visit to broaden your view of what market positions BMW, mercedes-benz, and Audi compete in and have LONG competed in. Ah the ignorance that is “the new money”…

  • Woo Hoo

    EU is a different market. US market is more ‘discerning’. However the 1er dips into a market/demographic that I do not care to see in the driver’s seat.

  • Woo Hoo

    I’m not sure that Joe Dirt is the target demographic that BMW had in mind.

  • goat

    @ WooHoo – Ah yes, I remember seeing a BMW marketing study showing that a great number of “Joe Dirts” are buying 1-series bimmers… hauling greasy bits in the commodious trunk and generally stinking up the place… how insultingly aspirational of them, lol. But even if they were, how does that diminish you in your bimmer, exactly? Are all your self-validations this external? Finally, “US market is more discerning”?! You cannot be serious with that comment. If so, your USA-centric worldview is simply amazing…

    Have a good Canadian Thanksgiving weekend everyone (who is Canadian)! 😉

  • Woo Hoo

    USA-centric worldview? lol, let’s not go down that road Mr Canuk…

    There’s a brand image that needs to be protected.

    Unfortunatly, for those who dream of the days of the 2002, BMW has grown up and moved on. They are executive cars and are meant to be symbols of success and a bit of ‘sophistication’.

  • goat

    @ WooHoo – Quite the contrary… with the 1 (as configured in EU and everywhere EXCEPT US/Canada), the upcoming 0-series, isetta-type city car, electric powertrains, we have all kinds of signs pointing to BMW RETURNING to their 2002-type roots (whilst continuing to craft conveyances for the plutocrats like the 5 and 7 series). And I, for one, am glad to see it.

    I would go so far as to argue that BMW performs best when playing the “upstart from Bavaria” to Mercedes’ swanky elitist Stuttgart or Audi’s infinite resources (thanks to parent VW-Porsche).