BMW X3 Size In-Depth and Compared

Last week BMW officially took the wraps off the F25 X3 for the international press and one thing within their presentation caught our eye. We all know the new X3 has grown but without getting the numbers in front of us it ‘s hard to understand what that really means. And even with the raw data sometimes it ‘s hard to visualize the change.

That ‘s where these slides help. The first of these size charts (from the official BMW presentation) give us our best look at how the X3 has grown from the first generation to the present in every direction.The second (after the break) shows us how it stacks up against the new X1 and X5.

The first slide shows that the new X3 really isn ‘t all that bigger than the original. Yes it ‘s grown but it ‘s certainly still an X3 as we ‘ve known it. The second slide gives us a look at the three sizes of SAV BMW offers. And surprise surprise the new X3 lies right in the middle of the X1 and the X5.

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  • And just when will North America get a diesel version? If Volkswagon can market/service their TDIs in North America, what’s stopping BMW?

  • Chuck

    I was just in Munich for Oktoberfest and ended up, of course, at the Welt facility. There I was able to see the X1 up close and sit in it. It is only a little bigger than a 3er wagon. Good news for wagon fans, like me. It sits nicly and has nice views. Only thing I did not like was the bottom door sills end up hitting the back of your legs as you get in and out.

    If in Munich, well worth the few Euro to see it all.

  • JonPD

    Not much larger but still makes me wonder were BMW will be in another 20 years. A few inches gained here and there every step along a models life. This has been a sad think that has brought us to the current day and age of fairly portly vehicles.

  • Sagar

    Any idea what the curb weight of the new X3 is?

  • Woo Hoo


    I doubt that we’ll see a ‘Expedition’ Sized BMW.

    As for the sedans, the engines have gotten more paowerful along with the size.

    I like that BMW has matured into a Full Size Lux vehicle company. (1er is the exception, it’s a compact)

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