Inframe Interviews Chris Bangle about Design

Chris Bangle has a lot to say about everything. But he ‘s rarely talked about his tenure at BMW so openly as he does in this interview with Bangle needs no introduction to BF readers but it ‘s worth remembering that under his leadership he revolutionized the BMW design language while the brand simultaneously passed Mercedes Benz to take the title of the global leader in premium car sales.


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  • Les

    Great video.

  • Dan C.

    I almost spit up my breakfast when he said he was “thinking of converting his Topolino into…” because I thought the next words out of his mouth were going to be “a Top Fuel dragster.”

    Cool video.

  • beken

    I liked his philosophies. “You can’t create life under an atmosphere of no”

  • Bob Hayhurst

    …I’m glad I went back to watch this video of Chris and his design philosophy. It shows that the creative process for any product consists of many facets that are all intermingled. Ideas, creative thoughts, work ethic and above all leadership are some of the things which create an atmospere of new and different thoughts for the design team. I was really impressed. I especially liked the part where he was describing the enthusiasim of the car design guys. yea,yea,yea. I want to do cars…