The BMW 2 Series?

BMW has filed trademark rights for 2 series based names; 228, 230 and 235 so naturally speculation has run rampant across the web. Car & Driver started all this speculation with their belief that the 2 Series would be a rear wheel drive powered coupe and convertible based on the newest 1 Series and we believe they are mostly correct.

BMW has warned us enthusiasts that a future generation 1 Series will be front wheel drive, thanks to the fact that most people in the EU who drive the 3 door and 5 door hatches don ‘t even realize that currently the rear wheels provide the propulsion. What BMW has not said is when this front wheel drive BMW will make its entry into the market. The current 1 Series is to begin being a replaced within the next year, beginning with the 5 door hatch (not for US consumers) and finally in 2013 with the replacement of the coupes and convertibles. With that being said, front wheel drive may be right around the corner.

The 2 Series rumor actually began back before the current 1 Series hit the US shores, in a period where BMW was said to be moving all coupes, and convertibles to even numbers in an attempt to align those models with the 6 Series. At that time the market research showed the 3 Series had too much cache to break up and the names stayed the same. This latest move is to separate products with different drive characteristics and to alleviate confusion across markets, as in the US we will more than likely (if our usually reliable sources are correct) not see this 1 Series at launch, but will see the 2er from the get-go (if the name sticks).

Where this all becomes confusing is with what happens in the US if/when the 2 Series comes to market- the 1 Series will at that time be vacated. Like the X1 BMW will not offer the front wheel drive models in the US at the world debut, we expect the 2 Series to come first in the US as it is a coupe and rear wheel drive and the 1 Series (hatches and a possible sedan) to be offered in or around 2015 just as CAFE requirements change and BMW strives to move more fuel efficient vehicles. With the launch of the front drive 1 Series BMW will in fact finally be offering an entry level vehicle to the US market, think of it as an answer to the A3 or VW GTI.

Worth noting is that BMW and other large companies often file trademarks that are never used (555 for example) but these filings indicate what they are considering and sometimes paint a broad picture of the future.

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  • barry

    I’m not sure how I feel about a 2 series naming.

  • JonPD

    Think this is for two reasons, the 1 series is likely to get bigger so maybe they just decided to call the current 1 series the 2 series while they develop the future 1 series into FWD.

  • It would make sense and it would correspond with the rumors we had heard.

    So would that mean there will never me another 1M and instead it’ll move to a 2M nomenclature? Also does this mean the 2M wouldn’t quite have the same small size as the soon to be released 1M?

  • Dave

    BMW has stupidly made such a mess with the names, maybe they’re finally trying to fix it. Before there was a 1 series coupe, everyone with a brain expected that it would be the start of a 2 series, so the new M car would be called M2 instead of this embarrassing 1 Series M Coupe name.

    1 series should be the new FWD hatchback cars or electric metro cars or something equally non-M-worthy. 2 series should be successors to the cars now called 128i, 135i and 1M.

  • Dustin Krause

    Great looking. So many models…. Is it really necessary?

  • Ralph Schollähn

    My Ideas and best Greats from Stuttgart. Ralph


    1er 3door/GT 2er Coupe/Convertible x1 Suv x2 Cross z2 Roadster m2

    3er Sedan/GT 4er Coupe/Convertible x3 Suv x4 Cross z4 Roadster m3/m4

    5er Sedan/GT 6er Coupe/Convertible x5 Suv x6 Cross z6 Roadster m5/m6

    7er Sedan/GT 8er Coupe/Convertible x7 Suv x8 Cross z8 Roadster m7/m8

  • herr26

    The direction being looked at to accomodate the 2er badge is to distinguish the Sporting concepts from the Compact and Lifestyle sportfolio. The 1er product line will increase due to projections That the Compact market will show the largest jump in growth as customers downsize to smaller , more efficient luxury cars. With the increase in use of 1er. 2er is being considered to split the Sporting concepts.

    The next 1er Coupe inherits an appearance and style which really indicates it’s 2002 beginnings. Not completely retro but design elements that distinguish the Coupe/cabrio from the Sporthatch have been reinterpreted from the classic 2002.

    Next years 1er will launch with a range of new innovations , possibly the highest for a new BMW And many you would expect to find only on a car like the 7er.

    Compact BMW Compact Coupe 3dr (1001) (FWD) BMW Compact Coupe 3dr (1001) Active eDrive (FWD)

    BMW 1er Sporthatch 3dr BMW 1er Sporthatch 3dr Active eDrive BMW 1er Sporthatch 5dr BMW 1er Sporthatch 5dr Active Hybrid

    Lifestyle/SAV BMW F.amily A.ctivity S.ports T.ourer (FWD/4WD) BMW 1er Gran Turismo BMW 1er Gran Turismo Active Hybrid BMW 1er Compactive Sports Tourer BMW X1 BMW K1 Sport Activity Compact Coupe (half “X”/”Z” Hybrid -Think X-Coupe concept car 2001)

    Sports/M BMW 2er Coupe BMW 2er Coupe Active eDrive BMW 2er Cabrio BMW 2er Touring Shooting Brake 2dr (original 2002 Touring) BMW Z2 Roadster BMW Z2 Roadster Active eDrive BMW Z2 Coupe BMW Z2 Coupe Active eDrive BMW 1M/M2 Coupe BMW 1M/M2 Cabrio BMW 1M/M2 Coupe (Lightweight SuperSports)

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