BMW Unscripted Episode 2: Sabine Schmitz

BMW Unscripted is a web video series that follows the lives of BMW who find joy in BMWs. It ‘s an authentic and (quite literally) unscripted look at how BMWs have changed people ‘s lives. Episode two features the automotive celebrity Sabine Schmitz. Sabine is famously known for driving the BMW ‘Ring taxi and has gone on to host a German show similar to Top Gear.

For those that missed episode one, you can check it out below. It ‘s one you don ‘t want to miss.

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  • JonPD

    Love them both, its great that they are showing this. Looks like a evolution of the “joy” campaign, a much better version.

    Still looking forward to trying a ring taxi ride one of these days, though I still would rather pilot my own way around the track for sure. Think a trip to the Ring both could happen so not much of a worry though.

  • Drill

    You don’t have to be in the Ring Taxi with Sabine to enjoy watching her take the M5 around the Ring. Just a few weekends ago I took the E91 out to see how it compares to the MINI around the Ring. On one lap I moved over to let the (faster) Ring Taxi pass and I saw it was Sabine driving… she then proceeded to take the next curve sideways about 60 feet in front of me. It was friggin excellent! lol.

  • lava

    that clip of her drifting the m5 around the ring just made my day

  • Derek

    I have to say I am in love with her.

  • Sabine is a legend and I’m glad she’s still driving the ring taxi in addition to racing and the occasional Top Gear appearance!

  • RJ

    For me, the highlight of the video, other than Sabine, is seeing her take the Z3 around the track at a pretty good clip. Looks like a later 3.0 convertible.

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